Dec. 8th, 2015

kyarorain: (korosensei)
Whee. Consumption of sparkling wine has started... unfortunately, it's only 7% alcohol. Meh. I've got champagne and prosecco lying around, but those are being saved for "special" occasions... such as Kyousuke's birthday next year or whenever Little Busters gets released on Steam. Yes, I know, I come up with strange excuses to drink bubbly, but it's expensive. The stuff I'm drinking now was totally cheap though so it's okay to drink it for no real reason.

I drank prosecco for Kyousuke's birthday this year too. The whole bottle. It was fun. LOL, I wrote last year... it's not 2016 yet. >_>

What to do now, huh... just taking a break from reading Clannad. Maybe I should upload that history page I'm working on for my Golden Sun site already. Yeah. And make some new content... I might write the interviews on my Alphasmart NEO. My poor NEO, it's so neglected... it has a nice keyboard. I do like it. It's just... tiny screen. And having to send over USB... but I really should try to use it. I spent a hundred quid on the damn thing.

I haven't written much in ages... need to get back to that already. Will I ever finish those Kyouriki 365 prompts? I wonder...

I finished the sparkling wine. Sadness.

Okay then... maybe I'll attempt to be productive now...

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