Feb. 2nd, 2016

kyarorain: (Little Busters)
Ahh, my journal where I say whatever I like without a care in the world. Been a while since I last posted... Final Fantasy XIV is eating up a lot of my time. Anyway, it's February. And in two weeks, it will be Valentine's Day.

Hmm. I am seriously considering celebrating Valentine's Day with my Kyousuke dakimakura. XD Heck, I already got a bottle of champagne (Moet and Chandon) Aww yeah, champagne. ♥_♥ Yes, I am being totally serious. It's not like I have a better way to spend it... and it sucks to think people are getting together and swigging champagne. I want to drink champagne too! ;_;

Best thing about drinking champagne with a dakimakura... the dakimakura won't want any. ^_~

Dakimakuras>3d people.

2d people>3d people.

The champagne will be all mine. :9

So, I'll spend Valentine's Day with my beloved Kyousuke, drinking champagne... aww, yeah. I'm sad and pathetic and I don't give a shit.

I'm so glad we have a dakimakura of Kyousuke. <3 Male dakimakura are pretty rare as it is, and to have one for a VN/anime with a male demographic is a fucking miracle. How nice of them to actually acknowledge they have female fans.

Sure would be nice if we could have a Kyousuke figure too. But, yeah, I doubt that will happen any time soon. At least there's the dakimakura.

I also have a bottle of prosecco I've been saving for Kyousuke's birthday, eheheh. The number one bestselling prosecco on Amazon... I grabbed it in a champagne sale before Christmas because why the hell not.

I love my husbando. <3

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