Apr. 27th, 2016

kyarorain: (korosensei)
 Okay, wow. This website host I was using for the past year or so actually deleted some (admittedly a little on the large size) files I had on the server, for my downloads page on Litbus.net >< and they didn't even tell me. I know I uploaded them because the FTP log file told me. I don't even know when they were deleted. I've had broken download links on my site for fuck knows how long... as if having a half finished page on my site didn't already make me look like enough of a dumbass. T.T 

Little Busters CGs - 193 MB
Little Busters backgrounds - 99 MB
Little Busters portraits - 252 MB

They weren't even that big, and they are only images. It's not like I uploaded the OST or anything.

There were also 3 days until my hosting runs out and they hadn't even sent me a notification email yet. That's kinda bad. Well, they clearly don't seem to want my money, so I'll just go elsewhere. What kind of shitty host just deletes your files without even telling you, geez. That is so not cool. 

With the cancellation, rin-chan.moe and komari.moe will also go down... I'll register elsewhere and get the sites back up... eventually. >_>

Site hosting roulette is getting really old... wouldn't it be nice if I could just pick a host and stick to it already? 

Ahh, I'm so bored. T_T Maybe I'll do some fanfic writing. Got an Ace Attorney oneshot and a Golden Sun prompt fic for wtf27 to finish off, let's do that, shall we? 

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