Aug. 16th, 2016

kyarorain: (Little Busters)
 Man, I feel so sick of waiting. -.- When will Little Busters be released on Steam already? Wish they would give us more updates instead of just telling us soon. And please don't release it out of nowhere like with Tomoyo After... at least give me enough time to chill a bottle of champagne. :p Though, really, I'm gonna want to buy it and play it right away, so alcohol would cheapen the experience. But, it's something worth celebrating... well, as long as I don't drink too much champagne, it's fine. I love champagne. Mmm. 

In two months, it will have been a year since it was announced to be coming to Steam. I didn't expect it to be this long... x_x

Oh well. I'm used to waiting. 

Will Golden Sun 4 ever come out? Who the hell knows.

I actually got off my lazy butt and updated a bit. Well, okay, I finished the hidden scene page which was up there, half finished, for ages because I uploaded it while switching hosts. >.> The site went through two host switches before I finished the page. How sad. Now I'm considering having the profiles section be one page after all. I'm too lazy to do multiple profile pages. 13 pages is a lot. Anyway, nobody's going to my site for character profiles. >_> 

I'm really not doing much with the site, huh? Ahahahaha... oh well. Can't really think of much to do with it. Most of the important stuff is already done.

And I'm supposed to be doing this big update to TAOW... eventually. I'm still deciding what to do next... to get a domain or not to get a domain... I need to make a decision already.

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