Nov. 27th, 2015 01:04 pm
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Huh... I really haven't been writing much lately, whoops. I need to write more and get my AO3 account to 2 million words! Yeah! \O/ Seriously... what kind of ridiculous goal, is that? But I only need about 500k more words! That's... about ten NaNoWriMos projects, isn't it? o_o

Okay, let's put that really bad Golden Sun fanfic up... j/k, I wouldn't do that. Even though I put everything else up, I don't really want to put it back up. o_o It's terrible. Besides, I don't have the patience to reupload 17 chapters of shit. Fuck that.

I'm trying to break back into writing Golden Sun fanfiction... dunno about putting them on FF.net... nah, I hate FF.net. That captcha login, agreeing to guidelines, everything... the site is annoying as shit. They still never even fixed that problem with links in profiles. I've even stopped updating my Little Busters fanfic on there... I just can't be bothered with FF.net x_x AO3 FTW~

I love Archive of our Own~

Anyway, I've got wtf27 prompts underway and I might attempt these Cheesy Tropes prompts. Oh, I just realised there might be some overlap since they both have High School AU prompts iirc... oh well, no harm in recycling ideas. Just do things differently~

I had a Golden Sun high school AU back in the past... it never really went anywhere though and I don't remember crap. Ahh, now I want to reminisce about my past Golden Sun fics and fanfic ideas... like that one time I was writing about Jenna stuck in an alternate world and totally entertained the idea of her having sex with-

Reminiscence over~

Should I try Golden Sun 100 again too? ... I actually did do a fic for that, I think? A Savior's Burden? And that was all... I don't know what table or prompt it even was though, lol. I probably wanted to do all the tables too XD Whenever I explore prompt communities and find interesting prompts, I'm just like "Grab ALL the tables!" and saving them in Google Drive. No, I never claim. Neither do I post in prompt communities. I just like collecting prompt tables and using them for inspiration, that's all. Anyway, I only ever post in small fandoms...

I am nuts. Right now, I'm even drinking cava while I have a cough >_> That's because I opened the bottle yesterday and drank half of it... then woke up this morning with a cough. Great timing, self. I just don't want to waste it. T_T

Okay, let's look at these prompt tables then...

Oh, I think the fic I wrote was for Flower, in the Mercury Table. ... I'm not sure why the hell I remember that. >_>

Eh, why not. Let's do this too, yay~ The more fanfiction, the better~ :D

I love writing fanfiction so much <3 One time, I actually entertained the idea of writing original fiction. Pffft, ahahahaha~ Yeah right. >_> Original fiction... just isn't the same. I want to write about the characters and worlds I love. That's all.
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