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People who try to tell you not to write certain things or that you shouldn't write them are so annoying, like, damn. You have no right to tell somebody what they can and can't write. People are free to write whatever the hell they like. Don't like incest or whatever? Then just don't read it. It's that simple.

I was reading the reviews on Golden Sun fanfics with a certain pairing last night, so yeah, that's what basically prompted this. (Why was I doing that? ... Good question. I find odd ways to pass the time.)

I remember somebody got flamed for putting incest in a fanfic... except it wasn't actually supposed to be incest, lololol. They ended up removing the fic. I dunno, people can be weird sometimes. People usually warn for it, you know.

... Usually. Not always. One time I read this smutty GS fic and it was revealed it was incest at the end. I was so mad I reported the fic. I didn't report it for being incest, I swear, I just didn't like the fact they didn't warn and apparently hadn't been in the mood for the pairing at the time either. I believe I made up for it by leaving a nice review on the fanfic when it was uploaded on MediaMiner anyway. Really, it's better to leave a review asking them to warn.

It's not fun to get squicked. :( I hate that books don't have content warnings. It's made me a bit leery of books... I got really squicked by some books once and it was just... uuuuugh. T_T Same author. I'll never read anything by them again, that's for sure.

Anyway, what was the post about...? Let's talk about my scandalous past, yay~ Seriously though, I used to be such a damn edgy fanfic writer. Like, seriously edgy. Shocking fandoms and writing controversial pairings was such a fun pasttime. On the other hand, my fanfiction was usually pretty well received. o_o I'm not sure I actually shocked anyone in the end. I also thoroughly enjoyed writing crack. I still love crack.

Golden Sun crack is the most wonderful thing in the world. <3

I should not be wanting to write a fanfic where Mia reveals the shocking truth to Rief and Nowell about who their father really is, but I totally do... huehuehue. Hell, why not. Maybe I can find a fitting prompt in wtf27. I need to get on with that and write glorious Golden Sun crack fanfiction...

Oh yeah, I managed to get the username kyarorain on Tumblr. Fucking finally. Too bad it's like three or four years late! >_> Better late than never~ \O/ Clearly, the next thing to do is drown the GS tag in crack. I haven't posted anything there in a while... Tumblr's an iffy place for me. I got driven out of a fandom once because people were mean and hurt my feelings. Not fun. ._.

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