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So, one week to Valentine's Day, in which I'll celebrate with my Kyousuke dakimakura. Aw, yeah. \O/

I'm definitely going to have champagne. A whole bottle, mmm~ I have issues... getting to have champagne to myself is one of the very best things about living on my own. Not having to share it with others is wonderful. <3 Okay, I know what I'll be drinking, but what about food?

... Takeaway pizza. Hell, yes. A frigging huge takeaway pizza to help soak up the alcohol. :9 And if there's any left over, it can just go in the fridge. I love pizza. Yum yum. Biggest I can get is 12 inches. Oh well, that will be plenty. Hell, a 10 inch is too much for me sometimes. Champagne and takeaway pizza... that's... well, something.

I'm just going to have fun, piss around, play music, hug my dakimakura, drink champagne, eat pizza and... yeah. Wafuuu~!

... It's not really much different to a regular evening in my life. Oh well.

Just a little problem... I'm supposed to be at my parents' house a minute's walk away, looking after the dog. I'll figure something out. No biggie. He'll be fine. ... I can't take my dakimakura over there. >_>

Honestly, it's pretty inconvenient... I just bought Final Fantasy XIV last month and those 30 days of free time tick down even when I'm not playing, and I have to play it on the desktop. I think it's too much for my laptop. So am I going to have to pop back home every so often to play it and not waste my 30 days? Guess so. Honestly, I'm already getting a little burned out, and it aggravated my RSI so gotta take it easy.

I searched free company names in XIV and there were a bunch of companies called Little Busters. :o Unfortunately, none of them were in the world I'm currently in.

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