Feb. 16th, 2016 08:18 am
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It is a bad idea to pick random words in another language (i.e. for a title of something) if you are not entirely sure if it's the right word. Because I was such a damn weeaboo, I totally did that with the Japanese language.

Mahoutokoro is such a fucking lazy name for a Japanese magic school though, I can't even- *cough* Wait, sorry, that's not even relevant.

Ahem. I was thinking about this chapter of a long gone fanfic I titled with words for "fatal" and "end" in Japanese. Fatal was "chimei" which... looks okay. End should have been "owari", yes? It totally should have been "owari", except it wasn't. It was "hazure" which means end as in verge, boundary...


I was so bad at it back then. Actually, I had a similar thing with a Neopets account (yes, I used Neopets. No, I don't go there anymore...) which I called cazkiyaku (as in "caz rules") Except kiyaku is "rules" as in the rules you're meant to obey. x_x When something like cazsaikou would have been far more fitting. Le sigh...

I really was hopeless...

I was totally guilty of Fangirl Japanese in fanfiction too. Inuyasha, oh god, Inuyasha... x_x And it definitely slipped into my Golden Sun fanfiction once or twice. I distinctly remember putting in a "baka" somewhere. ... oh god, is that baka still there. I remember it was in a fic I ended up deleting but then I restored it from an old archive and... eh, who cares, the fic is shit regardless of instances of fangirl Japanese.

I have such a shameful past. T_T

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