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Sometimes I am so embarrassed by my old Golden Sun fanfiction, I don't even want to look at them. orz Like right now... I was thinking about how is run by jackasses who do stupid shit like fuck up the formatting in your fanfiction. For example, I saw something in a Golden Insanity chapter about exclamation mark abusers, except the part where the exclamation marks had been abused had been reduced to a single exclamation mark. Ugh. And they fucked up the scene dividers too...

Also, they had an intense hatred of asterisks for some bizarre reason. I like using asterisks as scene dividers too... I think they stopped eating asterisks, but I'm not sure, and now I'm wondering if there are missing scene change markers in my old Golden Sun fanfiction, but, uh, I'm so embarrassed by my fics right now I don't really want to check. OTL

God knows what else might have mucked up.

There's one other instance I can think of... in my fic that poked fun at Mudshippers, I had a conversation between Isaac and Mia in which Isaac was speaking mostly in ellipses, and ate the ellipses. I was able to put them back in though.

I just don't get why even does this. It's fucking stupid. I could go on forever about all the things wrong with Archive of our Own is so much better. I love AO3. <3

So, uh... I remember something funny about that poking fun at Mudshippers fic. It was on a sockpuppet account, by the way. One time, people in the chatbox on TAOW forums were discussing it, including a Mudshipper, and I said something like 'but doesn't the fic make fun of Mudshippers' and this Mudshipper was like 'no, read the author note carefully'

... ahahahaha. T_T;;; Hmm... true though, I wasn't *exactly* making fun of Mudshippers, more of their ridiculous logic they would use to try and prove Mudshipping. Because, seriously, it could be ridiculous at times. It wasn't just Mudshippers either, as I said in an author note in the fic itself. Steamshippers would try to use that ending graphic as proof. Aw, yeah, Ivan/Kraden, Felix/Jenna and Piers/Sheba must be canon too! \O/ Anyway, I was careful not to write anything that would piss off Mudshippers and I didn't get flamed or anything. Hell, I've written Mudshipping (and I prefer it over Valeshipping. Haha, no, Camelot, like I'm going to ship some pairing with no chemistry and only a tiny smidge of interaction just because you say it's canon... wait, that's sure as hell never stopped me from writing crack or certain obscure pairings...) I dunno. I never really liked Valeshipping for some reason. And then Dark Dawn made me ship Isaac/Garet. They were shacked up together with their kids and no spouses in sight, plus they had some awesome bickering like an old married couple interaction, how could I not ship them?!

What was I talking about again... anyway, if I ever do check my old fics, it will probably only be after imbibing large amounts of alcohol. Which is a terrible idea. Though it's impressive what I can do while drinking. I handled FFXIV pretty well while drinking for example... then I got killed during a fate, raised, and died like five minutes later because I accidentally walked into an area with level 40 monsters somehow (I was level 24) GJ, self.

... I don't even have a clue where I *was*.

Well, enough rambling now... but, yeah. Looking at my old fics can be painful. At least I won't delete them again. If I ever feel like it, I'll just remember my crushing regret and despair! \O/ Yeah, the memory of the regret and despair is enough for me not to entertain the idea ever again. God, I was such a fool... they might be terrible, but I missed them, dammit! ;~; Thank goodness I was able to recover my stories.
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