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I ended up not really using my private Twitter account after all. Balancing the accounts was a pain anyhow, so I'm moving the tweets over here.

(not that there's much of value in there ahahahahaha)

Well, I guess I'm never actually going to use this twitter for site stuff, lol. Time to make it private and talk about shit, yay~

It gets harder to talk about random stuff when I follow and get followers...


I wish there was something like Twitter, but without a character limit... more blog-ish, but not quite?

Just a place where I can make short, spontaneous posts. Doesn't really feel right on a proper blog...

Doesn't Tumblr have a password protect option? Maybe I could try that. Even if Tumblr's a garbage cesspool.

Just figured out I could just mute my account on my following alt as not to spam tl. Okay, let's spam away, yay~

Why do I still use the URL despite it not being a site twitter anymore. Meh, who cares, right?

So tired of waiting... when will there be news on Little Busters?

Changed my URL. Guess this is no longer a site Twitter. Now it's just a private space for rambling about random shit, yay~

I wrote champagne instead of caffeine when googling caffeine buildup. Freudian slip? Maybe,,,

I've still got half a bottle of champagne left from yesterday. Gonna finish it at noon. NO DRINKING BEFORE NOON.

Bored... I want to write... hmm, there's that Isaac/Garet I started. I kinda wanna... make it porny. *whistle*

Remember when I abhorred Golden Sun smut? Yeah, fuck that.

I read Shibuya no Oto as Shibuya Note... WELL, I WAS KINDA CLOSE. >_>

I still don't know what I want to do for the fuck or die prompt...

I wrote a fuck or die scenario with Felix and Jenna once. I was so fucked up back then muahahaha

I also had mind control incest in a GS fic... that fic was so fucked up. I nuked it a long time ago... it had so many rape scenes x.x

including Garet raping Isaac which I dreamed about previously T_T My dreams were so odd...

... That moment when you remember you also dreamed Babi raping Isaac wtf

... isn't talking about fucked up GS dreams a bad idea?

I totally took the fuck or die with siblings idea from an Inuyasha doujinshi...

You know you're bored when you almost want to look at R18 Golden Sun art on Pixiv out of curiosity...

I'm going insane from boredom, yay~

Goes on Pixiv, on first page is Sveta being humped by a wolf. ... Suddenly not sure about this.

well, okay, she IS a beastman, but...

... ehh, bestiality is just weird to me, but it's not really bestiality. It's just me thinking of Sveta as human, that's all.

... There's a Felix/Jenna/Sheba threesome... okay. Sure, why not.

but man, it's such an interesting twist on the fuck or die scenario...

just doing it with two random people is so boring zzz

ahh, prompts are frustrating. T_T robot doubles is boring, blegh.

Little Busters has too many main characters. No problem, just ignore most of the girls and it's fine.

I still need to come up with something for parallel universe... not really interested in crack after all. meh.

considered using this idea for time travel, but not sure... it's not sci fi enough since it involves a dream world...

so the problem prompts are time travel, alternate universe, robot doubles... I could do that thing where I skip prompts, but, eh.

I just want to come up with some really good ideas for time travel and alternate universe. :/

I'm getting urges...

Meh. Boredom driving me insane again.

Writing questionable fanfiction is much healthier than drinking alcohol...

Just give in to insanity~ yay~ write disturbing shit that makes people cry~

Randomly remembering how someone nitpicked characters putting milk on cereal in a GS fic.

like, who cares what they put on their cereals? they can put whatever they damn well want on it, milk, juice, semen, etc. wait what

finish the damn Isaac/Garet fic already and then let's move on to these other prompts

I'm kinda, sorta sad I didn't go with tentacle porn for the tentacles prompt...

That Eoleo/Amiti fic I'm working on for the mpreg prompt is boring, yawn.

I need to think crazier.

I'm really back to my old self. *gulp*

... there's no reason why I can't remove the Kraken fic from wtf27 and start over on tentacles like I did with waking up gay >_>

why do I have an urge to use incest50 prompts and write Oopsieshipping T_T GO AWAY, URGES.

Prompts included "Car", "Shopping Mall", and "Park"... ahahahaha. Never mind. -_-

Seriously, don't put in prompts that will exclude fantasy and historical pre-industrial/technology settings...

My legs hurt ;_; Why do I have to get carried away with drinking.

Next time I open a bottle, I will imagine my legs being slowly put through a meat grinder.

I really want to rewrite the "Grave" prompt I did for Mission Insane, now that I've realized Takuya wasn't even buried in a coffin...

Good thing the prompt is "Grave" and not "Coffin", huh? Maybe something set in a cemetery...

Despite having sci-fi prompts to finish, I'm itching to rewrite horror prompts... Grave, and Psycho...

The current Psycho fill doesn't really seem deserving of being a "Psycho" fic... it's kind of lazy. Yanderes are totally overdone.

And I unintentionally recycled a Japanese surname because I suck at thinking of new ones.

Okay, let's brainstorm... try to think of something interesting for Psycho. No yanderes, no slashers, no evil for the sake of being evil...

Ahh, I'm bored. Resumed sleep seems unlikely at this point,

Let's try and finish that Robot Doubles prompt already. Need to finish Body Swap too.

Out of Body is just too edgy, Sigh. I can't bring myself to post rapefic.

Why write it in the first place? ... Good question.

Boy, does it suck when rsi prevents you from writing fanfiction.

Why am I so tempted by the thought of a lol domain? Don't be silly, self D:

No, would not be a great domain to own for TAOW. ... well, it's kinda fitting... is tempting, hmm...

ahh, when the fuck is Little Busters coming out on Steam already x_x

I feel like my sanity is gradually slipping with every month that goes by... in two months, it will have been a year.

A year since Little Busters was revealed to be coming to Steam. Sigh. I wish VA would give us an update already.

I just feel so fed up of waiting. Meh.

I'm used to waiting... I waited six years for GS3 announcement. But, meh, sometimes my patience just runs thin.

I think with Golden Sun 3, it was easier because we had no idea if it would actually happen or not.

That year long wait between the initial announcement and the next E3 was excruciating.

Just looked at one of my old GS fics. It made me want to murder.

"Garet is an idiot, sleeps until afternoon and refuses to leave the bed, eats too much and is an idiot. Hah hah, how funny!" Bleh.

He's pretty damn intelligent compared to his son. I hope Tyrell doesn't reproduce...

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