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Today is Valentine's Day... a.k.a. Dakimakura Appreciation Day.

I'm going to behave myself this year. '.' One thing I'll definitely not be doing is drinking an entire 75cl bottle of champagne. >_> That's just too much. What am I, an alcoholic? Jeez.

Instead, I have a 20cl bottle of rose champagne. Mmm. :9 I'm gonna eat pizza, drink champagne, and snuggle up with my Kyousuke dakimakura. Aww, yeah~ And I'm even going to listen to that Youtube video where Midorikawa sings "Can you feel the love tonight" because I am a giant fucking nerd. ... I so like to imagine Kyousuke singing it to Riki. It's fun.

I wish there was a Kyousuke route... hell, just give me an entire VN all about Riki dating Kyousuke and doing lovey dovey stuff with him. Not gonna happen, is it... sigh. Of course not.

I'd like to see VA release something for Little Busters's 10th anniversary. No, Kud Wafter anime does not count. (That's in financial planning, apparently, so I wouldn't expect to see it until next year. And considering Kud Wafter is shit, I'm sure it will be shit... I'll watch it anyway for Riki. And because I'm a Keyfag.)

Little Busters should be on Steam sometime in spring... hopefully. Man, I wish spring would come already. Not much longer now...

So, uh, what else to talk about... hmm, well, the subject of hentai doujinshi featuring minors came up somewhere and somebody linked this article

Reading the UK section is legitimately terrifying. o_o; I actually bought some Pokémon doujinshi years ago and some of it turned out to be hentai. I genuinely didn't realise they would be hentai... I bought them because I loved the artist's style. And Ash looked even younger than he does in the anime... where he's ten years old... he wasn't actually confirmed to still be ten and eternally ten until the beginning of Best Wishes/Black & White. Then I stopped writing Pokémon smut completely, because, uhhh. Yeah. Couldn't think of him as a teenager anymore.

I dodged a huge bullet there. Gulp. I honestly had no idea that drawings/comics depicting minors involved in sexual activities was illegal at the time. ._. Scary... I'm betting customs wouldn't have accepted "I didn't know it was illegal" as an excuse.

It's stupid, really.

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