Jun. 12th, 2017 07:49 am
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So, what have I been up to lately?

Hmm. I bought the three Tales games on Steam, when Tales of Berseria finally went on sale. ("finally" despite it only having been on Steam for a couple months or so... what can I say, I'm impatient.) Will probably play Zestiria at some point despite the flaws. I've already read an LP and watched the anime, so I'm already familiar with it.

Must support the release of Tales games on Steam. There's going to be a Tales game on the Switch. Probably a port. I'd love it to be Vesperia PS3 version and for it to get localized, but that's pretty unlikely to happen. Sob.

Berseria is so good. The cast interactions, the skits, the characters, it's all so good. Much, much better than Zestiria. I really enjoyed this game.

Magilou is unquestionably best girl. Velvet is awesome too.

The best guy is of course Eizen. What a dork. Yay Eizen <3

I love pretty much the whole cast. And the NPCs... Dyle and Kurogane, etc, yup, they are all great... though Kamoana is soooo annoying x_x Apparently Dyle and Medissa marry after the game events and adopt Kamoana man that's just so <3

I wonder if they took in Orthie and Russ too. I hope so.

And the beetle... what happened to the beetle, I wonder.

I also like how sidequests were unmissable and you didn't have to do all sorts of arbitrary bullshit within tiny timeframes to complete sidequests and such. I think I remember one sidequest in Abyss that literally opens upon entering Eldrant and is locked off after seeing a certain scene in Eldrant. I mean, who's going to go into the final dungeon, walk around a bit and then leave to look for sidequests? I missed some sidequests on my initial playthrough too...

So, yeah, it's good that Berseria did away with this bullshit. I'm looking forward to the next Tales game.

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