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Let's try out this Dreamwidth image thing.

Man, to think it's been 13 years since Golden Sun: The Lost Age was released. We waited seven years for a sequel... and got Dark Dawn. '.'

Anyway, I love these ending pictures we got... and I've resized them in Waifu2x just because I felt like it. They actually came out pretty well. I actually noticed something I've never noticed in the original version before. Felix looks like he's actually grinning, with his teeth showing, rather than just smiling. Huh. Could just be a a result of dramatic pixel resizing though, I mean enhancing images isn't a real thing after all, but man, Waifu2x performs miracles. Miracles, I tell you. I've never noticed how tan Sheba is compared to everyone else, which... makes sense. Actually, I might have heard it mentioned before, I dunno, but yeah, seeing as she grew up near a desert, it makes sense.

Wouldn't it be nice to have an HD Golden Sun remake? One can dream... a Golden Sun 4 would be nice as well. Please stop ignoring Golden Sun, Nintendo. ;~;

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