Jul. 6th, 2017 06:28 am
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I got some random submission on Tumblr asking me what was up with all the fucked up shit I've written. WTF. Anonymous too. >_> That really bothered me... I already feel pretty self-conscious about writing and posting dark stuff in the first place, I don't need people shaming me for it. ._.

So what if I've written dark fanfiction? Besides, assuming they were talking about my Golden Sun fanfiction, there's only like one particularly fucked up fic (Twisted). Everything else is pretty normal... because I deleted most of my more fucked up fanfiction years ago.

It doesn't even matter how much humour or romance I write, huh? Write one or two dark fanfiction and that's all you'll be remembered for. Yay. '.' I don't want to be remembered for writing dark or edgy fanfic. I want to be remembered for the humour. ._.

But still... what's wrong with writing darker stuff once in a while? My mind goes dark places sometimes. I can find writing dark stuff pretty cathartic. Sometimes I just want to write dark stuff, dammit. Is that really the worst thing in the world? So what if I write something gory or violent or whatever?

I haven't written anything particularly dark or disturbing for Golden Sun in like a decade, jesus. It's all been pretty tame since then. I don't know why people are getting on my case over it. Leave me alone. I'll write whatever the hell I want.

Clearly, I need to write stupendous crack. I should write fucked up shit... of the crack kind. LOL.

Maybe I overreacted a bit, but I tend to feel really self-conscious about it. I don't really like it when people judge others for writing dark or controversial stuff. Why should we have to write super happy fluffy sunshiny shit full of rainbows and flowers and sappy crap all the time. Can't we be allowed to explore the darker realms of our imaginations once in a while?

... Okay, I'm done ranting, now I'm going to just stop giving a shit and write whatever, maybe. Yup. Who cares what people think. Magikazam~!
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