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 So, Ace Attorney 6 comes out soon. Better hustle down and try to avoid spoilers. I managed to avoid spoilers for 5 somehow. With 4, I was just lapping up spoilers like there was no tomorrow. There's plenty to keep me occupied until September *glances at huge Steam backlog* So I think I'll be able to wait.

It would be nice if Apollo and Trucy could finally find out they are siblings, otherwise I'm going to be convinced Thalassa is just a sick, twisted individual waiting to see if genetic sexual attraction happens. Seriously, it's dangerous for people to not know they are related. Not having grown up together makes it even worse.

I don't get what her deal is anyway. Why has she not told Trucy she's alive, FFS? I think Trucy would like to know her mother is alive and well. Apollo might appreciate knowing at least one of his biological parents is alive too. Why was he in an orphanage anyway? He's what, 7 years older than Trucy, and Trucy was with her mother until she was how old? That's plenty of time in which Thalassa could have been rearing Apollo herself so, why? Can they please just explain all this shit already.

It was honestly a dumb plot twist to begin with anyway, with a dumb reveal, and Apollo and Trucy still don't even know... it's been two years already. If I was Phoenix, I'd be like 'enough is enough', tell Thalassa to stop being a dumb bitch, and just tell them already before Trucy's old enough for Apollo to be attracted to her without practically being a pedophile at the same time. She's still just 17 in Spirit of Justice, I think.

Honestly, I think Thalassa's worse than Misty Fey. Misty wasn't exactly a model mother, disappearing on her kids when one of them was only two years old, but at least she had an excuse. Thalassa had the amnesia thing, sure, but you know, that amnesia kinda went away at the same time the plot twist was revealed so she hasn't had an excuse for the past two years. 

Please, for the love of God, just let them find out already.

(Of course, I really don't expect the writers to have Apollo and Trucy fall for each other, that's absurd, but it needs to be just brought out in the open already. And maybe we can get an explanation for Apollo's backstory while we're at it.)
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Hmm, I randomly remembered an old Ace Attorney oneshot I had in the works... I don't have it anymore. I deleted my Ace Attorney fics and threw out all my stuff related to it as well (not that I had much of it anyway) because I was trying to leave it behind, it being closely related to that horrible fandom and all. *shudder* The horrible fandom that scarred me forever and gave me severe issues with Tumblr.

Eh, except I still like Ace Attorney. Whoops. And totally want to buy the 3DS compilation so I can replay the first three games. I had them on DS but sold them. ^^'

I didn't have a lot of fanfiction for it. Just that pointless fic about Detective Badd which I recovered, and a crack fic making fun of Phoenix for looking like a hobo in the Apollo Justice game. ... Good to see I didn't lose any literary masterpieces then! Yeah, I wasn't too prolific for AA.

The oneshot wasn't a silly humour fic though. It was actually about Maya channeling this guy's dead wife and... uh, well, let's say he kinda sorta commits necrophilia... and Maya deals with the shock of learning what happened to her body. IDK, I thought it would be an interesting subject... but poor Maya tho =(

I couldn't think of where to go after that though. I had Maya taking to Mia and then... ?????? Totally stumped.

But now I've remembered it, I want to revisit it. No, self, come on. D: But, man, if I had any talent for writing courtroom stuff, a case could totally be made out of whether it constituted as rape or not. But, eh, I don't have enough faith in my writing abilities. orz

(Yeah, I would consider it rape since it's Maya's body and she never consented to sex, but what if the accused and the prosecutor contested that since Maya was possessed by a consenting soul, it wasn't?)

Sigh. Why was I so delete happy... dammit.

EDIT: I just realized... I screwed up. If Maya was the one pressing charges, then she would be on the prosecutor's side! x_x It would be the defense attorney claiming shit. Man, I'm dumb. orz

So, Nick wouldn't be defending Maya in court or anything, ahahaha :D;
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2 days to E3... will we hear anything about Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney? I sure hope so, otherwise we'll probably have to wait until Tokyo Game Show for news...

Anyway, I'm going to talk about AA...

I never really liked Godot much. I don't know why everyone else sympathises with him so much. He admitted that Dahlia could have been channeled by Pearl and he would still have killed her. Killing the most adorable nine year old girl ever is not excusable. He even deliberately put Maya's life at risk when he could simply have destroyed the letter and Dahlia would never have been channeled and nobody would have had to die... eh, I don't really feel too sorry for Misty Fey though. She abandoned her two year old daughter (and her older daughter too of course) simply because she was ashamed? That's a pretty dick move. I don't care if you brought shame upon your family, that's still no reason to up and disappear on your children. She's on the same level as Zak Gramarye as far as I'm concerned. :/ (though at least she didn't leave them in the care of some guy she barely knew...)

Anyway, back to Godot... I've realised he's a really misogynistic douchebag on top of everything else. He blames Phoenix of all people for Mia's death. Because, oh no, Mia couldn't possibly have somehow saved herself from Redd White! (Did I seriously type White as Whight? Why give him such a similar last name, Capcom?!) Because she was only a WOMAN! She was cursed with a vagina, and thus she was weak. She needed a big, strong man to save her with his MIGHTY PENIS. And of course it has to be Phoenix who is blamed, because he's a man. Mia couldn't have been saved by another woman either. Nope.

It's nobody's goddamn fault. Mia bit off more than she could chew and died. It wasn't because she was a woman. She didn't need a big strong man to save her. She just got careless and it had tragic consequences.

Besides, Mia sure helped Phoenix out a lot during his time as lawyer. To the point where he has a case where she isn't present... and ends up losing his badge. Two months after she said he had surpassed her too. >_> Wonder if she took that right back when she heard he'd lost his badge?

I wonder how the case would have gone if Mia was there. She might have prevented Phoenix from displaying that diary page, due to the simple fact they didn't know who it had come from. It was too suspicious. It was really dumb of Phoenix to go ahead and present that in the first place...

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