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Is it just me or does Final Fantasy X have the power to read your mind?

I was running around training inside Sin and I swear every time I thought about Malboros, one of them would pop up. >_>

Eh, regular Malboros aren't so bad. It's the Greater Malboros inside Omega Ruins that are seriously evil. They seem to enjoy ambushing and using Bad Breath, the jerks.

And it happened with a Tonberry as well. Seriously. I thought about Tonberries and one appeared. I'm not afraid of Tonberries though. Yuna can kill them in one hit. Yuna is so awesome.

I'm trying to raise Auron through the sphere grid... he is actually pathetically weak, which is bad seeing as I can't take advantage of his weapon's Break Damage Limit just yet. He's nowhere near the limit. >.>

Beat the game again last night. Beating the game is fun~
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Whee, I'm leaving tomorrow and arriving in Barbados on Wednesday. I can't wait to experience the joys of warm weather. Oh yeah, and playing FFX. Except making Yuna an insane killing machine has kind of left me without much to do and I don't feel like collecting the crests. x_x Or was it sigils? Whichever ones are a frigging pain in the ass to obtain anyway. So, basically, all I can do is move around the characters' sphere grids even more and beat the game over and over.

Yuna makes Braska's Final Aeon look about as tough as a newborn baby. Pfft.

FFX is such a fun game really and has a nice story. The cast... is quite mixed.

Tidus is a whinging crybaby at first (though, yeah, the crybaby thing was his personality kinda) and his voice gets on my nerves. x_x He looks kinda like Meg Ryan when she had the short, blonde hair XD It's funny. I even wrote a fic about Tidus being Meg Ryan. XD

Yuna... I typed Yuan at first. o_0 Anyway, Yuna is awesome because she can go from a weak attacker to an insane killing machine. Then again, that's probably true for the whole cast what with the sphere grid. I don't like how in FFX-2 Yuna became a hooker. D= At least she looks like one with those stupid clothes. And WTF is up with that damn plait at the back of her head?

FFX-2 sucked hairy monkey balls. D=

I like Rikku, in FFX anyway. She was spunky and cool. But in FFX-2... wow. She looks even more like a hooker than Yuna does. Would it kill her to actually try wearing some clothes? I bet when she's not hanging out with the Gullwings, she's lurking on street corners with a billboard around her neck saying '10 gil' >_>

Lulu loves belts. She really loves belts. I bet she has a closet full of belts, and I'm glad she kept her outfit in FFX-2 and didn't end up wearing nothing save for belts across her breasts and crotch. >_> *shudder* Goddamn. The character designer for FFX-2 should be taken out back and shot. Or was it Nomura as usual? Whoever it was is a sexist pervert who thinks women only exist to be sex objects or something. Ugh.

I don't like Kimahri. Kimahri is lame. I never use him.

Wakka is okay. Not much to say about Wakka really.

Auron is badass. That is all.

Did I cover everyone? Think so. I do like this game, but the sequel was TERRIBLE. It quite simply should never have been made. It was pathetic and not worthy of being a sequel to the great FFX. FFX-2 was a disgrace to FFX.

Brother crushing on Yuna? What the hell? -_- They are biological cousins for goodness sake... did the writers or whoever forget that Yuna's mom was Cid's sister?! Maybe they did it on purpose because they liked the idea of a shitty game with almost naked girls dancing around, an incestuous Al Bhed and a severe lack of plot. Yeesh.

EDIT: Looking at my last post about FFX, I apparently repeated myself a lot. Whatever. I don't care.
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I wonder if I'm the only person who likes Final Fantasy X more than Final Fantasy VII? FFVII is quite overrated and everyone thinks it's the best Final Fantasy ever. Personally, I don't think it was ever deserving of a ton of sequels/prequels and a movie. Advent Children didn't really have much of a storyline either. FFVII was a great game, but that's all it was, and Sephiroth was lame. I mean, he wasn't even really the villain of the game. That was Jenova playing dumb games with everyone! (At least, that's what I understand. The storyline could be a bit confusing.) So why does everyone act like Sephiroth is the coolest character ever? Meh.

Final Fantasy X is fun. It really is more "fantasy" than FFVII is. The storyline is quite entertaining and it's a really fun game, especially when you can make your weakest attacker insanely powerful at the end of the game. (Lol, Yuna...)

Tidus's voice is annoying though. X_x He looks like Meg Ryan. XD Well, with her short, blonde hairstyle... the resemblance is uncanny.

Lulu is obsessed with belts. o_o Kimahri is lame. I never use him... and Auron is badass. I just wonder why he's going grey though. He's supposed to be 35 physically, but looks closer to fifty... Rikku is cool too.

Unfortunately, FFX got a sequel and... well, I think it's the worst Final Fantasy game I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in action. It's BAD. Crappy music, half-baked storylines, a normal ending that doesn't clear anything up... oh, and Yuna looks like a whore. Rikku also needs some frigging clothes. The two of them probably spend their spare time lurking on corners with 1 dollar signs around their necks. Paine seems like an uninteresting emo. Geez... it's just such a pathetic game. WTF, Square?
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Final Fantasy VII... sorely overrated, but fun to mock.

*laughs maniacally* I am insane!

Aeris: O_O *summons Holy*

What the?! I thought you were dead?

Aeris: Oh. Yeah. *disappears*

Sephiroth: Mwehehehe. *burns everything*

Oh, shit! It's Sephiroth! Mommy! Help!

Cloud: *zooms up on motorbike and runs over Sephiroth* I am the mighty Cloud, ruler of the world. Wait... how come I don't remember becoming ruler of the world? *clutches head and falls off bike* Nooooooo!


Cloud: I am... King... Cloud... I must be... *angsts pointlessly*

Tifa: Cloud? Cloud!

Cloud: Ti...fa... hey, I can angst! *angsts* I won an Emmy for angsting!

Tifa: Um, Cloud, you never won an Emmy...

Cloud: O_O Wahhh! ;_;

*Tifa takes Cloud back to the Shera 2, where Cid and Barret are for no reason at all. Vincent, Nanaki and Yuffie are missing. Cait Sith... was destroyed. Mysteriously.*


Cid: What happen?

Barret: Somebody set us up the bomb.

Cloud: We get signal.

Cid: What!

Cloud: Main screen turn on.

(Tifa turns on a TV.)

Yuffie: All your materia are belong to us. You are on the way to destruction.

Cid: It's you!

Yuffie: How are you gentlemen!

Tifa: I'm not a gentleman!

Yuffie: Oh... uh... you have no chance to survive, make your time!

Cloud: Did you know I modified the PHS to tell me anybody's location?

Yuffie: Hell! *runs*

Barret: &^(£@>#!

Cid: ... What the fuck?

Cloud: Tifa, I'm scared. ;_; The voices in my head are laughing at me. ;_;

Tifa: There, there *pats Cloud on the head*

Cait Sith: *appears* Hi! I'm the new model, Cait Sith number 20!

Tifa/Cid/Cloud/Barret: NO!!!

Tifa: How did you get on?!

Cait Sith: Parachute.

Cloud: Cait Sith... is... evil... *starts laughing maniacally* I AM YOUR FATHER!

Tifa: ... I think I'd better get him to a hospital.

Cloud: Search your feelings, you know it to be true!

Barret: Shaddup, fool! *hits Cloud*

... *is hit by Holy* .... Holy shit, why does that thing take so damn long to hit anyway?

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