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I just find it really goddamn hilarious that Lucina and Owain (who are cousins) getting married in the Japanese version of FE:Awakening was actually censored in the US version so that they became "companions" rather than husband and wife.


Cousins getting married in a videogame of all things! How absolutely scandalous and dreadful! Just what the hell do they think this is, Fire Emblem?!

... oh wait.

We've had so much worse than cousins getting married in previous Fire Emblem games so it really strikes me as hilarious that they would go to the trouble of censoring it. Lucina x Owain seems so innocent compared to Priscilla fangirling her brother or the implied twincest in Sacred Stones (heck, the localization team actually increased the subtext in one support between the twins, changing hair touching to face touching.)

And don't even get me started on Genealogy of the Holy War... if that game ever gets a remake, I'm sure there's no way we'll even be getting it. The incest actually played a big part in the plot.

... I think there actually is one dodgy couple that can happen because of some complicated set up. Something to do with Tactician and their kid. I read it on GameFAQs...

Nintendo localization team, you're so adorable, getting all worried over cousins marrying in Fire Emblem. I could just pinch your cheeks.


Sep. 18th, 2013 01:10 pm
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Man, it's been so long since I was last addicted to a Fire Emblem game... I haven't enjoyed one so much since Fire Emblem 7. o_o Fire Emblem 8 was ok, but didn't really captivate me the way FE7 did, and Path of Radiance... well, I sucked at it so much I gave up on like Chapter 9. (I played FE7 and FE8 in emulators and cheated, lol... but I *did* play FE7 without cheats up until somewhere around the arena & pirates chapter, Eliwood's route... that was when it started getting hard IIRC.)

I'm at about Chapter 18 of Awakening now. Been progressing slowly since I've been distracted by marrying units and grinding on one of the DLC maps. I just love how this FE lets you grind away to your heart's content. It's awesome. The Golden Gaffe and Exponential Exp maps are great too... lots of cash and exp. <3 Hurray~

I like Fire Emblem to be easy. I LIKE EASY GAMES. So sue me... the elitist attitudes gamers have is pretty annoying sometimes. "OMG THIS GAME IS TOO EASY, IT SUCKS!!!1" Yeah, god forbid people who have a hard time with difficult games actually get to play games. The nerve of them.

I've gotta grind Say'ri up so that she can kick her brother's ass. I still enjoy making people take down their relatives and loved ones. I'm a sadist. :D But I'm pretty sure Say'ri isn't going to mind in this case.

I remember one time when I spent all day doing nothing but play Fire Emblem 7, to the point that my legs actually hurt when I finally got out of the chair. Good times...
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I've started playing Fire Emblem: Awakening. It's pretty good so far. :D

Of course it's normal difficulty, with permadeath off. Why wouldn't it be? >_> Heh heh... I wouldn't even have bothered with the game if it didn't have that option. ^^' 1) I'm a wuss 2) I sucked hardcore at Path of Radiance, on freaking Easy Mode. Gave up at about Chapter 8... I let green units defeat a boss. I even allowed a unit to die because the chapter she died in was so damn tough. I really sucked. T_T

Doing okay so far. Though the optional map battle I just had was kind of a bloodbath, hah hah... I barely scraped by with just the Tactician and Chrom in the end, and let everyone else be defeated because they would be fine anyway. As long as they got exp, it's fine, right? ... I'll play properly in the actual plot battles, I promise. >_>

Tactician's a purple haired chick with pigtails named Seira, btw.

I'm being much less of a wuss with the permadeath option off. That's good! My characters will actually level up~

I'm kinda surprised by all the DLC this game has... but some of it sounds pretty nifty, and you can grind and get gold with extra maps? Not bad. I'd have to buy the game though. It's a rental copy.

That opening prologue... damn. ;_; It's going to be like FE7 all over again. I can feel it.


May. 15th, 2008 10:02 am
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Finished yet another replay of Fire Emblem 7 last night. It is a bad idea to replay FE7 after more than a year of not playing. >_> I managed to screw up supports and have to drag Louise and Guy to the final battle, because I stupidly had Louise support with Rebecca then Guy in the same chapter. x_x Insert complicated stuff involving zombifying Guy, zombifiying Rebecca, blah blah. I do love how my cheats make them zombify. ^_^ Roms FTW.

I also completely forgot about Fiora in the Uhai chapter. I kicked his ass before she even had a chance to turn up. o_o'

I like getting Lloyd as a boss first (and thus getting Wallace). I also always get Karel. I got Harken like... once, on Jerme's map. I much prefer to get Kenneth's though, Jerme's is EVIL. To get Lloyd first, my lords must not total up to 50 levels wise. Then to get Kenneth, the magic users must be higher levelled than the mercenaries, myrmidons and fighters (I never use Dorcas or Bartre anyway... XD;) and then on Kenneth's map, KILL 'EM ALL to get Karel! =D

Harken? Geitz? Whoever are they? XD;

Building up supports... such a slow process... le sigh...
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Plotbunnies are evil little things, aren't they?

I've often wanted to write a Fire Emblem fic where Dart, still under the affects of amnesia (I figure we call him Dan otherwise... o_o), develops feelings for Rebecca... oh, the angst and stuff. XD Yes, it would have to be one-sided... Rebecca recognises her brother, even if he denies he is and stuff. Though in their A support, he almost believes it, but he doesn't want to get his hopes up.

... Man. The purists would eat me alive for that, I think. I should stick to pairings that actually exist. One-sided Priscilla/Raven for the win! ^_^
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Incest in Fire Emblem is a wonderful thing, isn't it? People who say it doesn't exist are fools. The lack of incest in Path of Radiance makes me sad. I bet there isn't any in the sequel either. Poo. Eh, I found PoR kinda boring anyway.

Seisen no Keifu was chock-full of it. Subtext between Eltoshan and Lachesis, Alvis and Diadora being half-siblings and of course, Celice and Yuria can fall in love and are half-siblings. What a super fun game. ^_^

Fuuin no Tsurugi... well, Clarine holds Klein in VERY high regard. o_o She calls him beautiful and won't pay much attention to anyone else.

Rekka no Ken has Priscilla, who wants to marry her brother, Raven, and even gets jealous of Lucius. o_o'

Seima no Kouseki has TWINCEST! Eirika and Ephraim seem extremely close and their C support... face touching? Uh, okay... XD; Apparently, Innes is overprotective of Tahna as well. Overprotectiveness... is dodgy. >_>

Bring back the incest, Intelligent Systems. Now. >/

Eh... probably won't make the games any more interesting. I really have no interest in playing Path of Radiance. x_x But FE7 is to be loved.


May. 9th, 2007 06:51 pm
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I just love innuendo in Fire Emblem (Rekka no Ken) <3 There's loads of it. I may just have a dirty mind though. D= Still, there's some great stuff out there.

The most memorable boss lines are Erik's "Taste my lance!" and Uhai's "I am the Soaring Hawk! Come!" ... Ok, I'm trying too hard with Uhai, I think, but it still sounds strange. I think "come here" would have sounded better.

Wil/Rath's A support is... pretty good. XD

RATH: ...Don't hold your reins... Loosen your knees...
WIL: Whoa! Whoa! Like...this?
RATH: Yes. Now slide forward, just like that.
WIL: Huh? Forward? How do I go...forward? Whaa!
RATH: Wil!
WIL: I-I'm fine. Owww...
RATH: You might be injured... Do you want to stop?
WIL: Hm? Why? No, no, I'm fine.
RATH: But...perhaps training on the battlefield is not a good idea...
WIL: But what choice have I got? We fight every day! Where else can I train
but the battlefield? Oh! Wait... Are you trying to back out of this
training exercise? Not a chance. You owe me for laughing at me before!
RATH: ...Before? ......Number ...three... ... ... ......
WIL: See!! You're doing it again!! I can't believe it!! You never laugh, but
that whole "three" thing just slays you every time! Why!! Why!!
RATH: I'm sorry... ...I will teach you to ride. Forgive me.
WIL: Yeah, yeah, it's fine... just keep teaching me until I can ride, got it?
Seriously! I mean it!
RATH: Yes, I understand.
WIL: You promised.
RATH: ...I swear on the honor of my tribe..
WIL: Now, you don't have to go make that big a deal out of it...
RATH: No...I swear by Mother Earth and Father Sky... have taught
me something important as well.

^_^ Riding? On a horse? Of course not!

However... it cannot beat the sheer innuendo of Marcus and Lowen's B support! >=D

MARCUS: Hrrmph!
LOWEN: Urrgh...
MARCUS: What, can't you stand up, Lowen? What kind of a knight can't take a
single blow of my spear?
LOWEN: Y-yes, sir...!
MARCUS: And again! Grrarr!
LOWEN: Oooff!
MARCUS: Ha! And how about this one?
LOWEN: Hunngggh! Ahh...
MARCUS: Lowen... If a mere glancing thrust like that is enough to dismount
you, you need far more training! Now listen...before we meet to spar
LOWEN: Not... yet... I can... still take more... Sir Marcus... Please
MARCUS: ...... All right, then! Next, take...that!!

I'm sorely tempted to write a Marcus/Lowen smut using those lines. D=

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