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Apr. 12th, 2016 08:57 pm
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I'm crawling an archive of my old Livejournal which doesn't exist anymore. There's not a lot of Golden Sun mentioned in here... unfortunately my early years on LJ were spent talking more about real life than about fandoms. Might as well post the few mentions I can find here.


Wednesday, September 11th, 2002

Bleh... o_o' not much happening, just being bored and looking at Golden Sun FAQs... *pokes them* Golden Sun is fab... but that Fusion Dragon at the end is tough >_< Gotta level up... Im too damn lazy to level up by battling... -_-'

Thursday, October 17th, 2002


*jumps for joy*

I wonder when GS2 is coming out? o_o'

Sunday, July 27th, 2003

I beat Golden Sun: The Lost Age yesterday o.o Wow, I beat it quicker than Golden Sun ^^' The first time anyway, now I can beat the first game in about 5, 6 hours ;)

...I hope a third Golden Sun is made soon! *hopes*


Yes, it took me a really long time to beat Golden Sun. >_> When did I buy the game? Um. Good question. I *think* I bought it in the summer of that year, maybe... it was a long time ago. That journal where I saw Golden Sun mentioned for the first time was deleted forever ago and it's not on the Wayback Machine, which is a little sad.

Ah, so adorable, hoping a third Golden Sun would come out soon... seven years. Seven fucking years.

I beat Dark Dawn in early December 2010. Didn't take long. It would be pretty ridiculous if it did. >.> (but... Chaos Chimera is tough T_T) And that was... six years ago. Sigh. Still no Golden Sun 4. Maybe this year will be the year. Or next year.
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Sometimes I am so embarrassed by my old Golden Sun fanfiction, I don't even want to look at them. orz Like right now... I was thinking about how is run by jackasses who do stupid shit like fuck up the formatting in your fanfiction. For example, I saw something in a Golden Insanity chapter about exclamation mark abusers, except the part where the exclamation marks had been abused had been reduced to a single exclamation mark. Ugh. And they fucked up the scene dividers too...

Also, they had an intense hatred of asterisks for some bizarre reason. I like using asterisks as scene dividers too... I think they stopped eating asterisks, but I'm not sure, and now I'm wondering if there are missing scene change markers in my old Golden Sun fanfiction, but, uh, I'm so embarrassed by my fics right now I don't really want to check. OTL

God knows what else might have mucked up.

There's one other instance I can think of... in my fic that poked fun at Mudshippers, I had a conversation between Isaac and Mia in which Isaac was speaking mostly in ellipses, and ate the ellipses. I was able to put them back in though.

I just don't get why even does this. It's fucking stupid. I could go on forever about all the things wrong with Archive of our Own is so much better. I love AO3. <3

So, uh... I remember something funny about that poking fun at Mudshippers fic. It was on a sockpuppet account, by the way. One time, people in the chatbox on TAOW forums were discussing it, including a Mudshipper, and I said something like 'but doesn't the fic make fun of Mudshippers' and this Mudshipper was like 'no, read the author note carefully'

... ahahahaha. T_T;;; Hmm... true though, I wasn't *exactly* making fun of Mudshippers, more of their ridiculous logic they would use to try and prove Mudshipping. Because, seriously, it could be ridiculous at times. It wasn't just Mudshippers either, as I said in an author note in the fic itself. Steamshippers would try to use that ending graphic as proof. Aw, yeah, Ivan/Kraden, Felix/Jenna and Piers/Sheba must be canon too! \O/ Anyway, I was careful not to write anything that would piss off Mudshippers and I didn't get flamed or anything. Hell, I've written Mudshipping (and I prefer it over Valeshipping. Haha, no, Camelot, like I'm going to ship some pairing with no chemistry and only a tiny smidge of interaction just because you say it's canon... wait, that's sure as hell never stopped me from writing crack or certain obscure pairings...) I dunno. I never really liked Valeshipping for some reason. And then Dark Dawn made me ship Isaac/Garet. They were shacked up together with their kids and no spouses in sight, plus they had some awesome bickering like an old married couple interaction, how could I not ship them?!

What was I talking about again... anyway, if I ever do check my old fics, it will probably only be after imbibing large amounts of alcohol. Which is a terrible idea. Though it's impressive what I can do while drinking. I handled FFXIV pretty well while drinking for example... then I got killed during a fate, raised, and died like five minutes later because I accidentally walked into an area with level 40 monsters somehow (I was level 24) GJ, self.

... I don't even have a clue where I *was*.

Well, enough rambling now... but, yeah. Looking at my old fics can be painful. At least I won't delete them again. If I ever feel like it, I'll just remember my crushing regret and despair! \O/ Yeah, the memory of the regret and despair is enough for me not to entertain the idea ever again. God, I was such a fool... they might be terrible, but I missed them, dammit! ;~; Thank goodness I was able to recover my stories.
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People who try to tell you not to write certain things or that you shouldn't write them are so annoying, like, damn. You have no right to tell somebody what they can and can't write. People are free to write whatever the hell they like. Don't like incest or whatever? Then just don't read it. It's that simple.

I was reading the reviews on Golden Sun fanfics with a certain pairing last night, so yeah, that's what basically prompted this. (Why was I doing that? ... Good question. I find odd ways to pass the time.)

I remember somebody got flamed for putting incest in a fanfic... except it wasn't actually supposed to be incest, lololol. They ended up removing the fic. I dunno, people can be weird sometimes. People usually warn for it, you know.

... Usually. Not always. One time I read this smutty GS fic and it was revealed it was incest at the end. I was so mad I reported the fic. I didn't report it for being incest, I swear, I just didn't like the fact they didn't warn and apparently hadn't been in the mood for the pairing at the time either. I believe I made up for it by leaving a nice review on the fanfic when it was uploaded on MediaMiner anyway. Really, it's better to leave a review asking them to warn.

It's not fun to get squicked. :( I hate that books don't have content warnings. It's made me a bit leery of books... I got really squicked by some books once and it was just... uuuuugh. T_T Same author. I'll never read anything by them again, that's for sure.

Anyway, what was the post about...? Let's talk about my scandalous past, yay~ Seriously though, I used to be such a damn edgy fanfic writer. Like, seriously edgy. Shocking fandoms and writing controversial pairings was such a fun pasttime. On the other hand, my fanfiction was usually pretty well received. o_o I'm not sure I actually shocked anyone in the end. I also thoroughly enjoyed writing crack. I still love crack.

Golden Sun crack is the most wonderful thing in the world. <3

I should not be wanting to write a fanfic where Mia reveals the shocking truth to Rief and Nowell about who their father really is, but I totally do... huehuehue. Hell, why not. Maybe I can find a fitting prompt in wtf27. I need to get on with that and write glorious Golden Sun crack fanfiction...

Oh yeah, I managed to get the username kyarorain on Tumblr. Fucking finally. Too bad it's like three or four years late! >_> Better late than never~ \O/ Clearly, the next thing to do is drown the GS tag in crack. I haven't posted anything there in a while... Tumblr's an iffy place for me. I got driven out of a fandom once because people were mean and hurt my feelings. Not fun. ._.


Nov. 27th, 2015 01:04 pm
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Huh... I really haven't been writing much lately, whoops. I need to write more and get my AO3 account to 2 million words! Yeah! \O/ Seriously... what kind of ridiculous goal, is that? But I only need about 500k more words! That's... about ten NaNoWriMos projects, isn't it? o_o

Okay, let's put that really bad Golden Sun fanfic up... j/k, I wouldn't do that. Even though I put everything else up, I don't really want to put it back up. o_o It's terrible. Besides, I don't have the patience to reupload 17 chapters of shit. Fuck that.

I'm trying to break back into writing Golden Sun fanfiction... dunno about putting them on nah, I hate That captcha login, agreeing to guidelines, everything... the site is annoying as shit. They still never even fixed that problem with links in profiles. I've even stopped updating my Little Busters fanfic on there... I just can't be bothered with x_x AO3 FTW~

I love Archive of our Own~

Anyway, I've got wtf27 prompts underway and I might attempt these Cheesy Tropes prompts. Oh, I just realised there might be some overlap since they both have High School AU prompts iirc... oh well, no harm in recycling ideas. Just do things differently~

I had a Golden Sun high school AU back in the past... it never really went anywhere though and I don't remember crap. Ahh, now I want to reminisce about my past Golden Sun fics and fanfic ideas... like that one time I was writing about Jenna stuck in an alternate world and totally entertained the idea of her having sex with-

Reminiscence over~

Should I try Golden Sun 100 again too? ... I actually did do a fic for that, I think? A Savior's Burden? And that was all... I don't know what table or prompt it even was though, lol. I probably wanted to do all the tables too XD Whenever I explore prompt communities and find interesting prompts, I'm just like "Grab ALL the tables!" and saving them in Google Drive. No, I never claim. Neither do I post in prompt communities. I just like collecting prompt tables and using them for inspiration, that's all. Anyway, I only ever post in small fandoms...

I am nuts. Right now, I'm even drinking cava while I have a cough >_> That's because I opened the bottle yesterday and drank half of it... then woke up this morning with a cough. Great timing, self. I just don't want to waste it. T_T

Okay, let's look at these prompt tables then...

Oh, I think the fic I wrote was for Flower, in the Mercury Table. ... I'm not sure why the hell I remember that. >_>

Eh, why not. Let's do this too, yay~ The more fanfiction, the better~ :D

I love writing fanfiction so much <3 One time, I actually entertained the idea of writing original fiction. Pffft, ahahahaha~ Yeah right. >_> Original fiction... just isn't the same. I want to write about the characters and worlds I love. That's all.

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