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I ended up not really using my private Twitter account after all. Balancing the accounts was a pain anyhow, so I'm moving the tweets over here.

(not that there's much of value in there ahahahahaha)

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Jun. 4th, 2016 09:28 am
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 Sigh. So much for that Tumblr tag renaissance... now that I had finally got the url 'kyarorain' on Tumblr, I wanted to descend upon the tag with... well, stuff, I guess. But... that clickbait spam, oh god, the clickbait spam. Ugh. T_T It's ruining Tumblr... 

Implying Tumblr was capable of getting worse... >_>

They've been hitting the Golden Sun tag, and now they've hit the Little Busters tag again. I hate the shitty clickbait spam so much, there are so many blogs posting them and it's just too many to block. 

Saw someone from nasty fandom on Golden Sun tag, ew, but I blocked them so need to worry. I didn't freak out or anything, I just calmly blocked them. \O/ I'm getting better, I think. Since I've blocked them, there's no need to worry about seeing them on the tag.

Anyway, it just feels pointless to post anything on the tag while it's drowning in clickbait posts. Tumblr will get round to deleting them eventually, I suppose, but, eh., Well, the Golden Sun tag's not exactly the liveliest tag on Tumblr so it isn't that big a deal. 

I prefer to do my GS blogging on Dreamwidth anyway. 


Feb. 16th, 2016 08:18 am
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It is a bad idea to pick random words in another language (i.e. for a title of something) if you are not entirely sure if it's the right word. Because I was such a damn weeaboo, I totally did that with the Japanese language.

Mahoutokoro is such a fucking lazy name for a Japanese magic school though, I can't even- *cough* Wait, sorry, that's not even relevant.

Ahem. I was thinking about this chapter of a long gone fanfic I titled with words for "fatal" and "end" in Japanese. Fatal was "chimei" which... looks okay. End should have been "owari", yes? It totally should have been "owari", except it wasn't. It was "hazure" which means end as in verge, boundary...


I was so bad at it back then. Actually, I had a similar thing with a Neopets account (yes, I used Neopets. No, I don't go there anymore...) which I called cazkiyaku (as in "caz rules") Except kiyaku is "rules" as in the rules you're meant to obey. x_x When something like cazsaikou would have been far more fitting. Le sigh...

I really was hopeless...

I was totally guilty of Fangirl Japanese in fanfiction too. Inuyasha, oh god, Inuyasha... x_x And it definitely slipped into my Golden Sun fanfiction once or twice. I distinctly remember putting in a "baka" somewhere. ... oh god, is that baka still there. I remember it was in a fic I ended up deleting but then I restored it from an old archive and... eh, who cares, the fic is shit regardless of instances of fangirl Japanese.

I have such a shameful past. T_T
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So, one week to Valentine's Day, in which I'll celebrate with my Kyousuke dakimakura. Aw, yeah. \O/

I'm definitely going to have champagne. A whole bottle, mmm~ I have issues... getting to have champagne to myself is one of the very best things about living on my own. Not having to share it with others is wonderful. <3 Okay, I know what I'll be drinking, but what about food?

... Takeaway pizza. Hell, yes. A frigging huge takeaway pizza to help soak up the alcohol. :9 And if there's any left over, it can just go in the fridge. I love pizza. Yum yum. Biggest I can get is 12 inches. Oh well, that will be plenty. Hell, a 10 inch is too much for me sometimes. Champagne and takeaway pizza... that's... well, something.

I'm just going to have fun, piss around, play music, hug my dakimakura, drink champagne, eat pizza and... yeah. Wafuuu~!

... It's not really much different to a regular evening in my life. Oh well.

Just a little problem... I'm supposed to be at my parents' house a minute's walk away, looking after the dog. I'll figure something out. No biggie. He'll be fine. ... I can't take my dakimakura over there. >_>

Honestly, it's pretty inconvenient... I just bought Final Fantasy XIV last month and those 30 days of free time tick down even when I'm not playing, and I have to play it on the desktop. I think it's too much for my laptop. So am I going to have to pop back home every so often to play it and not waste my 30 days? Guess so. Honestly, I'm already getting a little burned out, and it aggravated my RSI so gotta take it easy.

I searched free company names in XIV and there were a bunch of companies called Little Busters. :o Unfortunately, none of them were in the world I'm currently in.


Dec. 27th, 2015 04:21 pm
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I have a mad pizza craving right now. Maybe I'll splurge and get takeaway tonight. I saw sense and cancelled a £40 pending delivery from Tesco that was mostly just alcohol this morning. By "saw sense", I mean I had a hangover. Fuck alcohol. I'd rather spend my money on food... and hobby goods. Aw, yeah. \O/

I'm hankering after a new PC too for that matter. My PC's getting a bit run down now... I have to restart it every few days because it slows to a crawl after a while. What a pain. D:

I want to try to focus on writing. Haha, yeah right. I've been so lazy about writing lately. orz Need to get back into writing... but, man, I have such a huge backlog of VNs. My Steam backlog is getting quite impressive size-wise too. x_x

Eh, maybe I should get to it instead of rambling in this blog. >_>

This has been a pointless entry by yours truly.
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Whee. Consumption of sparkling wine has started... unfortunately, it's only 7% alcohol. Meh. I've got champagne and prosecco lying around, but those are being saved for "special" occasions... such as Kyousuke's birthday next year or whenever Little Busters gets released on Steam. Yes, I know, I come up with strange excuses to drink bubbly, but it's expensive. The stuff I'm drinking now was totally cheap though so it's okay to drink it for no real reason.

I drank prosecco for Kyousuke's birthday this year too. The whole bottle. It was fun. LOL, I wrote last year... it's not 2016 yet. >_>

What to do now, huh... just taking a break from reading Clannad. Maybe I should upload that history page I'm working on for my Golden Sun site already. Yeah. And make some new content... I might write the interviews on my Alphasmart NEO. My poor NEO, it's so neglected... it has a nice keyboard. I do like it. It's just... tiny screen. And having to send over USB... but I really should try to use it. I spent a hundred quid on the damn thing.

I haven't written much in ages... need to get back to that already. Will I ever finish those Kyouriki 365 prompts? I wonder...

I finished the sparkling wine. Sadness.

Okay then... maybe I'll attempt to be productive now...
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I figured, why not go ahead and make one of these as an LJ post?

If anyone actually cares what pairings I like, then here you go~

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Nov. 23rd, 2015 01:16 pm
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It's a crappy, rainy Monday and I'm just going to indulge myself in pizza and alcoholic fizz, yay~ (sparkling rosé, it's yummy~)

I moved some entries from another journal over here because it drowned in Twitter reposts. x_x Not doing the Twitter repost to LJ anymore, it just gets way too spammy. So, I think I'll maybe try posting in here more often. Let's see how that goes, shall we?

Considering switching over to my other Twitter too. I just... feel more comfortable over there. I can say whatever I like. I can gush over Kyousuke x Riki and fawn over how cute crossdressing Riki is and not be bothered about people who look down on that sort of thing. Sometimes, I feel a bit iffy about Key fandom too, but I don't feel like getting into that. Tumblr's fine though. Funny how Tumblr is the only place I'm not having issues with in this fandom. After all, Tumblr drove me away from another fandom which shall not be named... I guess it just depends on the fandom.

It's sad how dead the Golden Sun fandom is... yeah, it's alive in some places. Not quite dead and buried yet. You can still find them here and there. I feel very nostalgic for the old days of fandom quite often. Nostalgia is a pain indeed. I don't know about rejoining them on Tumblr... I have issues. =/ I actually get really paranoid about following Ace Attorney blogs and there are people in the GS fandom on Tumblr with connections to the bad fandom too so I don't think I can bring myself to. Shame Tumblr ruined so much for me.

So, uh, what was the entry about? Good question...

I want to try drawing again.My tablet is dusty and hasn't been used in... well, forever. Not that I'm great at drawing...
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Hmm, I kinda want to post fanfiction on Selenia again.

That's my current AO3 account that's not being used for my main fandom. Actually, I want to post fics for my main fandom on there too... you see, I am insane and want to reach 2 million words. Yes, seriously insane. \O/ I'm already at 1 million, so why the hell not?

I also have a strong desire to write Ace Attorney fanfiction. Lots of crack fanfiction. I'm kinda in an Ace Attorney mood... it does suck not having the games on hand. Eh, I'm waiting until I actually get a landline then I'll buy the 3DS compilation and download it. Living in a brand new house sucks.

I can't even get online deliveries from most local supermarkets. ;_; (Except Sainsbury's. Sainsbury's, you are my hero.)

I love crack. \O/ I will fill the world with crack!

Let's bring Selenia back to life... although it seems odd saying I'll bring it back to life when it was originally a sockpuppet and basically became a dumping ground for my fics after nuking my main account.

There was something really, really sad about seeing my word count drop to under 1 million. Sure was a good thing I managed to get my deleted fanfiction back.

It's safe to post Ace Attorney stuff, isn't it? ... Yeah, it should be fine. It's Tumblr that's dangerous. I can't touch Ace Attorney on Tumblr. I might still freak if I see any names from that horrible fandom, so I want to do my best to avoid it. It's sad, I know, but I really, really don't want to see any trace of them.

Okay, let's... try and write! O/ Operative word being 'try'.

EDIT: I also now want to write Tiger & Bunny... I think. I've never actually written anything for Tiger & Bunny though, hmm.

Maybe I should check out the kink memes... yay, kink memes~

Ehh, never mind T&B, the kink meme is pretty dead and I'm not sure how well I could write for it. Let's stick to Ace Attorney.

I'm not really so versatile that I can write fanfiction for anything I like, unfortunately. That was a problem when I signed up for Yuletide twice in the past, because you had to sign up to write for at least 4/5 different fandoms x_x (small fandoms, therefore excluding fandoms such as Golden Sun or Pokemon) Not so easy for me. And the second time I signed up, I got matched with a placeholder fandom I didn't really want to write for (it was only there to fulfil the minimum of five fandoms...)

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