Dec. 20th, 2010 06:01 pm
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Playing with the filters in Black and White is fun.

Tested it again.

"Crap" is not filtered. Well, it's hardly a swear anyway, but you wouldn't want a six year old going around and saying "crap". Just one of those words nobody wants the little ones saying...

Also... "fanny" and "minge" are not censored.

So, slang words for the penis are bad, but slang words for the vagina aren't?

Well... okay then!

... I don't get it.

EDIT: Oh my. I just got away with calling a Pokémon "Semen".

So, "cum" and "jizz" are bad, but "semen" is not. Oooookay.

Their filter's really stupid anyway. It missed quite a few words and blocked some legit ones too (Pine?! What's offensive about pine?!)

EDIT 2: So I was bored and started testing racial slurs. The first two I tried were indeed censored.

"Jap" was not censored. In a game made by Japanese people. What is this, I don't even...


Oct. 3rd, 2010 12:15 pm
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It seems that Pokémon Black and White are actually censoring names now. o_o So I guess that means no more "Penis used harden"? What a shame...

I always wanted to get a bunch of Palkia, name them "SpacePenis" and stick them on the GTS, but never could be bothered to. (OMG! THINK OF THE CHEELDRUN!)

I'm going to have so much fun trying to figure out what rude words I CAN name my Pokémon. I don't usually name them rude stuff, but testing censors is just so fun. If words like "bloody" and "hussy" are blocked, I'll laugh so hard, since, well, TPCi thinks they are okay and even used them in the anime dub.

When I get B/W, I think I'll pick Mijumaru. Pokabu's evos are ugleh and Tsutarja's pretty boring (it evolves from a Treecko knock-off into a Milotic knock-off -_-) Looks like I'm going for the water starter first, again. I've done that in like every generation, seriously. o-o

Speaking of the censors, someone on DevArt pointed out that the word 'pine' was censored. No kidding. Poor Pineco... (I'm not sure exactly how the word censor works, like if it only censors the word by itself or with other letters tacked on... but if the latter was the case, that would be bad news for Pineco.)

"I'll name my Pineco... aw, screw it, I'll just leave it as Pineco."

EDIT: Pffft... I read that "poof" was censored too. Yeah, I mean, it's not like we see the word poof every time we make a Pokémon forget its moves or anything! XD (Though they probably use something else in its place in the Japanese version)
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*snicker* Giving Pokémon weird names can be fun...

Day Care Lady: "If you want your Virginity back, it will cost P100"


Gee, I'm bored... *loads Pokémon Red* I am going to die by ugly sprites. X( It's fun to look through my boxes though, but saving every time I change a box is a fucking pain...

My playtime is 127 hours. o_o Yes, that is a lot for me...

Poor, poor Hall of Fame. It got raped by Missingno. ;_; Why, Missingno, why? Why did you desecrate all those Halls of Fame?! What did they ever do to you?

My boxes aren't very interesting. D= I hardly ever nicknamed my Pokés, by the look of things. There's a Psyduck named Sunny. o.o I don't remember naming a Psyduck Sunny, but since I'm the OT, I'll assume I did. And there's a Pikachu named Flash and a Golbat named Fang...

Did I ever mention I am horribly unoriginal when it comes to naming Pokémon? >_>

I have a level 100 Pikachu with Pay Day. o.o ... I don't know why. It has Flash as well. Ew. =/

Huh, something is odd about this. I have Moltres, but not Articuno and Zapdos in my boxes? o.o They have full data in my Pokédex though... huh. It could be possible I traded them over to other games, I guess.

Eh, this is getting boring. I'll go on to Blue now...

LOL. I have what I assume is an accidentally cloned Lapras... because its name is Clone o-o I have a Lapras in my main party... isn't accidentally cloning Pokémon fun? I did it in Silver as well... I loved the clone cheat in G/S.

XD There's a Blastoise with the OT Gary... Now I think I remember a cheat that let you catch the opposing trainer's Pokémon. Heh heh... XD That was fun.

And now, Yellow... I went to all the trouble of getting my Pokémon in the same order as Ash (the first seven anyway) though I got a Pidgey instead of a Pidgeotto. Didn't know Pidgeotto was available in VF in Yellow. D=

My Hall of Fame is screwed up here too for some reason... =/ Not as badly as when Missingno rapes it. It just shows some blank entries then shows my Pokémon. Wow, I defeated the Elite Four with a Level 40 party. 0_0 Anyway... *peeks in boxes* Meh, nothing interesting.

Ok, I'm done now...
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Why can't there be an option not to fight people who accost you in battle on the roadside, or even pesky rivals who want to battle you for the 100 millionth time without any warning?

It should totally be an option.

"Annoying trainer wants to fight you without even giving you a choice! Will you:

A) Fight them

B) Strangle the fucker

C) Eat pie."

... >_> Meh, just had to get that off my chest after playing Platinum. Jun's annoying sometimes. x_x And that battle wasn't in D/P... so I didn't know he was going to fight me.

I love the walk through walls code. ♥

So what if I get money and more experience? =P Being forced to battle is still so annoying sometimes. Like if your team's half dead and you're so close to the next city where you haven't been before... oh wait, but you must fight this horde of trainers and survive first!

Not that it's anything to worry about. I can't remember the last time I lost a Pokémon battle...

I cheated max money and brought all the furniture I could for my villa. Kinda pointless though. XD; You can't even sleep in the bed...
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Professor Oak (in the games) is an annoying bastard. >/ He really, really is. Why? Because he sends out his aides all over Kanto, just waiting for you to come along and announce that Professor Oak has an item he would like the aide to give you. The catch is, you have to have caught fifty bazillion Pokémon before you can have it! Haven't caught fifty bazillion Pokémon yet? Sorry, can't have it yet then, you'd better just go out and catch 'em all!

Where's the 'hold the knife to the aide's throat and hiss "Give me the damn item, motherfucker, otherwise I'm going to slit your throat" until he pees his pants and gives you the item' option? Because I'd sure like to do that instead of slaving myself off wandering through grass for Pokémon I haven't yet seen/caught, beating them up and catching them just so that I can get a farking item.

Or, even better, I'll kidnap Green and tie him up and tape myself holding a gun to his head and saying "Do you want your grandson safe and alive, Professor Oak? Then tell your aides to just give me the goddamn items or he dies." then send it to Oak. Though, he's probably forgotten he even has a grandson... I swear he's senile. Who the hell forgets the name of their grandchild whom they live with?


I seem to find the games boring these days... yeah, every generation. I've barely even got through Crystal. >_> Well, ok, the D/P games aren't bad. I'm just too lazy to go hunt down Cyrus and kick his ass in Diamond. Walking to Spear Pillar isn't too fun. D=

Maybe it's because I've played Generation 4 that the previous generations seem... not as good? o.o They kinda frustrate and bore me sometimes.


Jan. 9th, 2009 11:57 pm
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I thought I'd talk about Gold and Silver. Neo-Kanto is really depressing. =/ I think Generation 2 was the best series of games yet, but I honestly hope if G/S are remade, then Neo-Kanto won't have so many depressing changes. Let's see...

Viridian Forest was cut down or something, I don't know. It's really shocking to go up from Viridian City, walk through a bunch of trees, then end up in Pewter City and realise you just went through Viridian Forest. I had that experience with Gold recently, having forgotten about it. D= Maybe they had a lack of space or something since Johto was added on and couldn't fit Viridian Forest in.

Which certainly seems to be the case with the Safari Zone. They were originally going to implement it, but I guess they gave up on that idea, so it was closed down instead. Too bad for people hoping to go through the Safari Zone again. At least G/S remakes could have the Safari Zone in them. If they ever happen...

The Pokémon Tower. It's just... it's really depressing. How twisted do you have to be to think "Hey, let's invade this tower where dead Pokémon are resting in peace, kick them out and turn the place into a radio tower for cheap entertainment!" It's just awful. Those poor Pokémon, getting kicked out for the sake of a lousy radio tower you don't even get to explore. I hope the dead Pokémon end up haunting those evil radio people for the rest of their lives, or even better, rise from the graves as insane zombie Pokémon and storm the radio tower, attacking every human being in their path... it would certainly serve them right, wouldn't it?

What's the deal with Red anyway? He became a hermit. Why did he become a hermit living in Mt. Silver? Didn't his mother also say she hadn't heard from him in forever? It seems like he never goes home anymore and spends all his time hanging around Mt. Silver. It's a little depressing to think about, huh?

I also felt kind of bad for Team Rocket since they were trying so hard to find Giovanni and they never do. Giovanni never even appears, though his son certainly does. Silver is cool. Anyway, Giovanni's a freaking pussy. "Oh no, an eleven year old kid beat me in my gym! Boo hoo! I'm disbanding Team Rocket and disappearing forever!" Grow a frigging backspine, sheesh. Where did he even go anyway?

And Cinnabar Island... oh man. Cinnabar Island. It's such a shame the volcano exploded and wiped out most of it.

Man, I really wasn't kidding when I said Neo-Kanto was depressing, was I? But I still want to see Gold and Silver remakes...
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Uh... I'm bored and want to post random crap. Random crap is fun.

There are two guys in Sootopolis City who both want to see big Pokémon. And not just any Pokémon. o_o Nope.

One guy wants to see big Shroomish.

The other guy wants to see big Barboach.

Seriously, that is just frightening. I mean, Barboach kind of resembles a wang, in that it's phallic (We can't possibly have too many phallic Pokémon, nope!) plus... uh... well, its Diamond Pokédex entry speaks for itself.

Diamond: It coats its entire body with a slimy fluid so it can squirm and slip away if grabbed.

That, compared with its shape, makes my brain explode. >_>

And Shroomish is a boob. Well, it looks like it anyway.

Good grief, Game Freak, what were you thinking? D= And Palkia... man. I'm not sure if that was an accident or not. The shape of the head, the lenght of the neck and the round shoulders positioned right there seem a little suspicious.

Game Freak is corrupting childrens' innocence, zomg. [/sarcasm]

Meh, innocence is for the weak. ^_^
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How long have I had Pokémon Crystal now? I distinctly remember buying it before I even went to Spain and THAT was at the end of July! I bought it because Game Freak is taking too long to remake Gold and Silver and I wanted to relive the nostalgia of GSC by buying the one game I never did buy... well, I bought it anyway.

I'm still... on the way to freaking Azalea Town. T_T It's kinda slow going in the beginning and I haven't really got to all the good stuff yet. Plus, Poliwag and Bellsprout are kinda... bleh. Poliwag is so weak. But one day it can become Poliwrath and Poliwrath is awesome. I'm not sure about Bellsprout... is it even worth keeping?

And Togepi has yet to learn Metronome.

Quilava kicks ass, but how long can it go solo for anyway? I'm so lazy when it comes to levelling up my Pokémon, but their weak statuses don't help at all. And the rival (Silver) will reappear in Azalea Town. I need to be ready for him...

I really need to play this game, preferably before the battery gets old and dies. -_- Pokémon Silver is dead. I brought that game in 2001... it's been dead since at least 2006. Pokémon Gold isn't dead yet though, but I get the impression I didn't play that game as much as Pokémon Silver...

Poor dead Silver Pokémon... ;_; I had... um, I started with Totodile, so Feraligatr, Quagsire, Jumpluff, probably Togetic since I seem to like Togepi/Togetic so much... and, uh, I don't remember what others I had in my main party.

I remember seeing a shiny Graveler in Silver... and... uh, having Quagsire Ice Punch it. Needless to say, it fainted. ^_^; Bet it would just have self destructed on me anyway...

I did have better luck in Gold, catching a shiny Rattata by the Slowpoke Well early in the game. Yay, shinies~

Haven't had any such luck with the other games, though I DID catch a shiny Illumise when catching a bunch of them for Ranch in Diamond. The Illumise were cheated, but the shiny status wasn't, so I guess it counts...
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I'll start this super random post off with a super random question: Diglett is male or female, right? Dugtrio, on the other hand, can also be the same despite being three Diglett stuck together. So, what, do males and females not mix or something? At the daycare center, you put in two Dugtrio and get one egg at a time... And, well, do the Dugtrio not have distinct personalities or anything? (i.e. Nature) Where do the extra two Diglett come from when Diglett evolves?

Am I thinking too hard? I think I am. At least with Magnemite and Magneton it's not so bad since they are genderless. You do need a Remoraid in your party to evolve Mantyke into Mantine if I remember correctly.

Anyway, Sugimori should draw Diglett out of the ground. I bet it looks cute. But since he hasn't, nobody ever draws it out of the ground. In MPR, Diglett and Dugtrio have ugly looking clumps of earth stuck to their bottoms. Meh. MPR is annoying.

While in Spain, I played a lot of Leaf Green. Lorelei's Lapras was a pain in the ass to get past while I was testing the Elite Four. Must train Pokémon some more so that I am really ready for the Elite Four. I have a great training spot below the Ember Spa entrance, I just use the VS Seeker and the masochistic trainers happily let me beat their Pokémon up yet again. I just wish I could use the VS Seeker inside dungeons. It would be nice if I could use it in Victory Road...

One day I'll beat the Elite Four...

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