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 Okay, wow. This website host I was using for the past year or so actually deleted some (admittedly a little on the large size) files I had on the server, for my downloads page on >< and they didn't even tell me. I know I uploaded them because the FTP log file told me. I don't even know when they were deleted. I've had broken download links on my site for fuck knows how long... as if having a half finished page on my site didn't already make me look like enough of a dumbass. T.T 

Little Busters CGs - 193 MB
Little Busters backgrounds - 99 MB
Little Busters portraits - 252 MB

They weren't even that big, and they are only images. It's not like I uploaded the OST or anything.

There were also 3 days until my hosting runs out and they hadn't even sent me a notification email yet. That's kinda bad. Well, they clearly don't seem to want my money, so I'll just go elsewhere. What kind of shitty host just deletes your files without even telling you, geez. That is so not cool. 

With the cancellation, and will also go down... I'll register elsewhere and get the sites back up... eventually. >_>

Site hosting roulette is getting really old... wouldn't it be nice if I could just pick a host and stick to it already? 

Ahh, I'm so bored. T_T Maybe I'll do some fanfic writing. Got an Ace Attorney oneshot and a Golden Sun prompt fic for wtf27 to finish off, let's do that, shall we? 

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I think I'm going to sound like a giant hypocrite by saying this, especially seeing as I have written fanfiction MSTs in the past, but... making fun of bad fanfiction really isn't a cool thing to do. It's immature.

Yes, I know there's a lot of bad fanfiction out there but people have no right to bash it and make fun of the people repsonsible for it. They might really hurt their feelings by doing it too. Everyone has to start somewhere. Their first works might not be so good, but people improve over time. Of course, there are exceptions.

I just don't think sporking or MSTing other people's fanfiction is really a cool thing to do anymore. Everyone has a right to write what they want and share it with the world. It might make you puke, it might make you want to cry, scream or throw things, but in the end, it's someone else's work they went to the trouble of writing and putting on the Internet. If anything, you should be giving them constructive criticism and encouraging them to improve. Though I guess some people just don't want to improve.

I know this is going to sound dumb... but someone in a certain fandom was talking about sporking fanfiction for the fandom... it made me feel a bit ill, to be honest. I doubt I was one of the targets (ooh look at me and my big head... but seriously, I'd like to think the quality of my writing nowadays is high enough I wouldn't be a target for sporkings >.>)

I just don't like the idea there's someone in my fandom who would actively go around picking on fellow fandom members' fanfiction. Meh. Everyone should be allowed to write freely without being concerned about people watching out for bad fanfiction and being ready to pounce at a moment's notice to tear apart their terrible fanfiction.

Maybe I just feel a bit more sensitive thanks to the experiences with that horrible fandom these days. Sigh. It really hurt my feelings and I don't want to go through anything like that again. I want to do whatever I like without being afraid of criticism.

In short, pointing out the flaws of a fanfiction and criticising it is absolutely fine. But tearing it to shreds with mocking comments is another thing altogether. Though I think there's a difference between playing it for laughs and outright bashing. The important thing is to keep it funny and... not bash too hard. I guess? I dunno... if your only purpose in doing it is to bash the author or the writing, you're doing it wrong. If you're doing it for comedy purposes, it's maybe not too bad...

I'm not really planning to put my MSTs back on The Adepts of Weyard though. I dunno, I just don't really think it's right to show them off anymore.


Sep. 27th, 2015 08:29 am
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Ahh, Livejournal, the final place where I feel I can be honest without pissing people off or making them think I am an awful person or whatever.

So, a Rewrite anime was announced and it is being animated by 8bit, the same people who mangled Grisaia. Naturally, people are in despair. I'm not.

To be honest, I feel like I'll laugh so hard if the Rewrite adaptation ends up being worse than the Little Busters adaptation. I almost want the annoying Rewrite fans to be crying bitter tears into their cereals as they suffer through godawful episode after godawful episode and watch their precious Rewrite be utterly ruined. Serves them right for being annoying.

Ugh. The way some people put it on a pedestal and act like IT'S DA BEST THING EVAR!!!11! ALL OTHER KEY WORKS SUCK COMPARED TO IT ESPECIALLY LITTLE BUSTERS HUR DUR, it cheeses me off. Rewrite isn't even that great. And I hate how some people have to trash Little Busters at the same time.

It makes me sad to see people hating on Little Busters. ._. They are my precious babies and I love them so much. I really, really love Little Busters, it has a special place in my heart, and to see people calling it garbage, it hurts.

Little Busters couldn't even have a good adaptation. Okay, the second season wasn't so bad, but the first season was mediocre at best. A lot of people ended up dropping it in the first season and now so many people are probably thinking Little Busters is the worst Key work ever no thanks to the adaptation. Ugh.

That's probably part of the reason I almost want it to suck. Little Busters didn't get decently adapted, why should Rewrite? I kinda wanted Deen to get Rewrite, but apparently 8bit is also bad enough, so okay then. Do your worst, 8bit.

I am an irrational, terrible person, I know. I just don't care about Rewrite and find all this hype annoying.

EDIT: Oh, it's even directed by the same person who directed Grisaia. >:3 People are bawwing over it, and I'm just like "LOL". Cry moar.

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