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I got the SonAmy scene in Sonic Chronicles. ^_^ The best possible one, where Sonic doesn't say no to Amy's notion of them being a couple, after being nice to her. It's so sweet... I'm happy I got the scene. ^_^ I made sure to be nice as possible to Amy and used her in battle often, maybe that helped.

Beat the game as well today. Super Sonic VS Ix was kinda tough at first... because I hadn't bothered to get used to POW moves, lol. But I got the hang of it and eventually managed to kick his ass, then enjoyed the cliffhangery ending.

I hope the second game will be longer and more satisfying. The Dark Brotherhood seems a little... lacking, depth and storyline wise.

Poor Knuckles was really mindfucked. >.> I don't think he ever expected to see any other echidnas.

Anyway... now I'll talk about Sonic Unleashed.

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Someone put up a transcription of the ending of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. Yeah, I totally gave up on avoiding spoilers, but whatever... apparently the game's storyline isn't all that deep. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

At least it doesn't involve some human princess into necrophilia and bestiality. *shudders* Sonic Next-Gen was AWFUL.

Anyway... the ending rocks. ^_^

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Sonic Chronicles is being released soon. ^_^ People in Australia got the game already though and started playing it. I think I'll try and avoid spoilers until I get the game. It seems really interesting and I can't wait.

This is the introduction from the manual:

4000 years ago, the two rival clans of the dominant race Echidna lived side by side in relative harmony. The fragile peace that persisted between the two clans for centuries threatened to be broken at any time. The borders of the empire of Knuckles Clan and the Clan Nocturnus began to encroach one on the other, and neither side is ready to cede the slightest piece of territory.

In the war for expansion that followed, an unforeseen cataclysm caused the fall of Clan of Knuckles, raising Angel Island from the surface of the Earth. The Clan Nocturnus did not experienced a much better fate: the entire clan disappeared, taking with it everything that was associated. Nobody has been seen since. All traces of the existence of Clan Nocturnus have now been eliminated, with the exception of a small robotic survivor, its name lost in history.

On the other hand, time has elapsed since the crushing defeat of Eggman at the hands of Sonic and his friends. Nobody has reunited thereafter, and they are presumed disappeared forever. Without any chaos and terror that mad scientist liked to spread, the world has become pleasant, quiet and prosperous.

Sonic, meanwhile, spent most of his time to explore the farthest corners of the planet, since it no longer has to play super-hero who saves the world. His wanderings have been suddenly interrupted when he received a call from Tails on the frequency reserved for emergencies. Central City is in turmoil, while Knuckles has been kidnapped!

Sonic and his friends are able to discover that the events of the past can still influence the future. Could it be that there is a link between the fate of the two echidna clans and the problems Knuckles is facing today?

So, it's true. Knuckles is the last of his tribe, not his race. There are other echidnas, they are just... really uncommon. Oh yeah, and Shade is a pink echidna.

People are going to ship KnucklesxShade like crazy now, aren't they? >_> (Speaking of shipping, I remember a line in an interview about a love triangle between Sonic, Amy and Rouge. WTF? Well, I'll definitely be rooting for SonAmy...)

Also, it seems the Marauders and the Zoah are two separate things after all, and Shade is working for the Zoah or something. I'm not sure... all these groups are a little confusing. I think there's some Twilight Cage (the other dimension?) with these alien groups... and also, I think it was said somewhere that the Marauders are the Dark Brotherhood in the title. (The Nocturnus?)

If that's the case, Knuckles being kidnapped makes a little more sense now, but still Knuckles as a damsel in distress just seems downright odd.

Now to go try not to spoil myself... must resist the temptation.
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Is the concept of Sonic Unleashed not ridiculous enough? Can Sega possibly come up with yet another ridiculous idea that's almost as bad as Sonic turning into a werewolf? (Nothing can be lamer than WereSonic.)

Of course they can.

Sonic. And. The. Black. Knight.

... Of course, I thought of the Batman movie when I saw that title. Sega must be running out of title ideas >_>

But, wait, what is this bizarre thing I see on the cover? Sonic is wearing a gauntlet and holding a sword? Well, at least it's not a gun.

So, a Wii exclusive game? It's probably similar to Sonic and the Secret Rings...

What kind of bizarre world is this where Sonic wields a sword? o_o

So... Sonic's Batman and Tails is Robin, right?
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Kotaku article on Sonic Chronicles, with some new screenshots.

Huh, the dialogue screenshot with Amy and Sonic is f'ed up. o_o Not only are Sonic's arms blue... BLUE?! but Amy is claiming to have a boyfriend named Dexter. Seriously... what? O_o

I bet this is just a ploy of Amy's to make Sonic jealous. I sure hope so. I want to see some SonAmy stuff in Sonic Chronicles. Just some natural stuff, not Amy being insane and stalking Sonic and boiling Cream and stuff. >_>

What kind of a name is Dexter anyway? It's not a Sonic style name. Amy is definitely just making up random crap. I want to see SonAmy, dagnabbit.

I remember how Darth Naka the Baka once said Sonic and Amy would never get together in the games. But he left Sonic Team a long time ago. Sonic Team is content to fuck things up even more and make Amy a psychotic stalker type. ._. They are also making Knuckles a retarded goofball... T_T

Please be nice to the characters, Bioware. Don't make Amy insane. Don't make Knuckles an idiot. Don't make Shadow be emo, using guns and screaming "MARIAAAAA!" every ten seconds. Well, okay, he doesn't talk about Maria much anymore, but still...

Shadow didn't mention Maria at all in Sonic Next-Gen. I was surprised at that. o-O
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Dang, the Zoah are scary looking and huge. o_0 They really are an alien race. Hard armour, crystal limbs and the capability to fire laser beams? Funky. I can totally see how it would be possible for these guys to kidnap Knuckles.

Still a little confused as to why they would want to kidnap Knuckles though. Maybe they are after the Master Emerald, I guess, since that would make the most sense.

Oh, yeah, I also read an interview about the game, where dialogue was mentioned. Apparently, Amy calls Rouge a tramp at one point. Dang... it's one thing to crack jokes about Rouge, but to call her a tramp to her face? Ouch. Poor Rouge...

I sincerely hope Sonic won't be cussing in this game. I don't want to hear him cussing. ._. Shadow cussed a lot in Shadow the Hedgehog. This game takes place in a "darker world" in the second half too...

If Shadow is a playable character, please, please don't use guns. That would be retarded and I would refuse to use him if that was possible. Using guns in a Sonic game? FUCK, NO. x_x


Apr. 4th, 2008 09:50 am
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Sega's released a press release of Sonic Unleashed with the details of the story behind it. It looks like "Mubuz" was fake after all, thank goodness, so no "dragon lord" crap either. There was some Iblis like beast seen, but he's probably not a dragon lord anyway. Hurray for that. Of course, Weresonic is still real...

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Took a look at the Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Wikipedia article, and it seems the "Marauders" had a name change. They are a race, it seems, and their new name is Zoah.

Thank god for that. Zoah doesn't make me think of frigging Harry Potter and I'm not having weird images of Knuckles getting kidnapped by a stag, wolf, dog and rat. >_> Zoah>>>>>Marauders. Seriously.

I just played the ending of Sonic Adventure DX, with Super Sonic versus Perfect Chaos... I miss the good Sonic games. ;_; The good old days, when Sonic was decent... and Sonic Team USA didn't come along and ruin the franchise, and Sonic Team Japan didn't start using bad fanfiction for storyline inspiration... wah, I miss those days. ._.

Sonic affected by lycanthrophy and some random demon that reminds people of Iblis and a dragon lord and some world called Mubuz? DO NOT WANT. D= Sonic Unleashed is going to suck... ._. Man... =/
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Okay, this is kind of bizarre... Sega's making a new game called Sonic Unleashed and some screenshots got leaked already. The strangest of them all would be a promotional picture... o_o

[Image is long gone, so yeah...]

Dude... so Sonic becomes some kind of strange werehog? That thing is quite frightening indeed. Sonic's model is pretty awesome. ^_^

I hope this game doesn't suck. =/ Come on, Sega, try to make a Sonic game that doesn't suck. Please. If this is being made by Sonic Team USA, then... yeah, it will suck. =/ Please be Sonic Team Japan... and please don't let it be a bad fanfic like Sonic '06 was...

Some details. A new character? Great... damn it, Sega, why must you add a new character to every bloody game?! We're sick of it already...

And Sonic can transform into the werehog? o_o Are the writers on something?

And this is the storyline according to Wikipedia...

"According to The Escapist [a magazine], Sonic Unleashed features Sonic in Mubuz, a world ruled by a Dragon Lord called Immarius. When he appears in Mubuz, he must fight a power that turns all inhabitants into a beast; Sonic himself appears to turn into a werewolf."

... I just lost all faith in this game. Now it sounds like a bad fanfic.

Sonic rant

Feb. 23rd, 2008 01:00 pm
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Sega has laid off a bunch of people, including a writer for Sonic Adventure 2. Something like 400? Geez, that is a lot... why are they doing that anyway? Is it because they suck and have no money? They should sell Sonic to a better developer for money! *shot* Not Bioware, though. They are getting assimilated into EA, sadly enough, so we'd end up seeing Sonic sports games or something. That would suck.

Sure, Sonic Team Japan wasn't primarily responsible for the suckiness of the franchise these days, but they never do anything anyway, so Sonic's just going to get worse. The guys who made Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic Tean USA, right?) should be shot. Or just don't bother making any more Sonic games. It's got so bad, I don't want to touch anything Sonic Team made...

Sonic 2006 was made of utter fail too. It didn't deserve to have the name "Sonic the Hedgehog" (with nothing after it) It besmirches the good name of the original Sonic the Hedgehog (first game ever) It had some disgusting relationship thing going on between Sonic and some human princess (Ugh. Elise. She makes me appreciate Sonic/Sally. Which isn't that much of a stretch.) and way too many damn hedgehogs. STOP MAKING NEW HEDGEHOG CHARACTERS, SEGA. We have enough. >/ Mephiles the Dark is the worst damn name ever *snicker* It's so cheesy. Black Doom (from Shadow the Hedgehog) wasn't much better. Damn it, Sega, come up with decent villain names! Or just call them Bob. Whatever.

And Amy is reduced to serious OOC. Yes, at one point, she was OOC. When Elise, the disgusting necrophiliac who is into bestiality, macks on a dead hedgehog (that's Sonic by the way.) Amy does NOTHING. Nothing! At the very least, she could have smashed Elise's brains out with her hammer. Come on, who kisses dead hedgehogs anyway? Ok, so he was dead for maybe half an hour, not a week, but, eh. AMY should have kissed him! Stupid bitch Elise. I'm so glad the events of Sonic 2006 were erased from the timeline anyway and I sure hope the Bestial Princess never appears again. The RSPCA should jail her. *snicker*

Eggman. Eggman looked weird in that game. ._. The moment I saw a picture, I thought he looked like some crazy, deranged madman that lurks in alleyways, raping random people, ripping off their skin and munching on their flesh and drinking on their blood and... what? Eh, something right out of Psycho, I guess. It was creepy. ._. In the games after that, they reverted back to his Adventure design, thank goodness. DON'T MAKE EGGMAN LOOK LIKE SOME WEIRD LOOKING HUMAN, THANK YOU. >/ Stupid Sonic Team. He's a genius out for world domination, not some psychotic madman!

Now that I've looked at his Wikipedia article, I've remembered there's worse... Robotnik with penis shaped nose from Adventures of Sonic. *curls up in fetal position and cries*

Another thing I'd like to rant about is the complete corruption of one Metal Sonic. In Sonic Heroes, he was completely bastardized. ;_; He transformed into some THING and attempted world domination! This was not the Metal Sonic from Sonic CD. The Metal we know and love is dead. ._. RIP, Metarru's dignity, we knew ye well. *shudder* I'd like to pretend whatever happened in Sonic Heroes didn't happen. How could they treat Metal Sonic like garbage and defile him like that?! Geez... he used to be cool for a robot. Then they did THAT. Sonic Heroes was garbage. ._.

I can really rant about Sonic when I want to... that's enough for now. @_@
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I wonder what the Marauders are supposed to be in Sonic Chronicles. It would be funny if they were an anthro stag, rat, dog and wolf named Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs, but I doubt that will be the case.

So, Knuckles gets kidnapped by these guys. I bet he got kidnapped really easily. They probably just pull up in a truck somewhere and find him neglecting his duties as usual (really, Knuckles, what happened to guarding the Master Emerald?) and tell him the back of the truck is full of free grapes for him. Then he jumps in and someone locks him in then they drive off. XD

He is totally that gullible.

I'm also intrigued by the game being set in Sonic's world first, then in some darker world. This game sounds like it will be interesting and fun. And what kind of animal is Shade? She has horns and a tail, but she's not easily identifiable with all that armour on.

Man, I can't wait to play this awesome game. ^_^ Be sure to release it soon, Bioware.
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I have learned something new about the Sonic franchise and why some of its games have been sucking hairy monkey balls. Apparently, Sonic Team of Japan is NOT to blame for the pieces of crap that have made Sonic Shuffle look good. o_o Or, hell, Sonic 2 for Game Gear.

Uh, anyway... so, Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Adventure 2? Made by Sonic Team USA. Not Japan. USA. They are the ones responsible for soiling the franchise! Ok, Sonic Adventure 2 wasn't too bad, but it had flaws. Namely Tails and Eggman being confined to clumsy annoying mechs and annoyingly difficult levels, plus glitches. The Chao system was improved, but the game itself wasn't as good as Sonic Adventure (made by Sonic Team Japan and ranks in my favourites)

But it seems Sonic 2006 was made by Sonic Team Japan even though it sucked hairy monkey balls. Ugh. I don't know anymore... but it's nice to know that STJP wasn't responsible for Heroes and Shadow. Those are some of the WORST Sonic games in existence! But Wikipedia says that, so Wiki could be wrong. I've seen someone say that Sammy made Sonic 06.

I swear, if I was anywhere near Sammy HQ right now... Sonic 06 was pure tripe. Ugh.

STOP ASSRAPING SONIC. >/ Seriously. It's nice to know Sonic Team Japan hasn't been ruining their own franchise this whole time...
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So, uh, Bioware is working on an awesome Sonic RPG. It will be awesome because it is Bioware making it. If it was Sonic Team, I wouldn't give a damn about it because Sonic Team sucks and makes shitty games and doesn't care if their games are good or not anymore.

It's got a title now and stuff. According to the storyline, Knuckles gets kidnapped by Marauders. I totally did not think of Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. >_> Oh, yeah, the "Marauders" are an anthro wolf, rat, dog and stag! ^_^ And the Dark Brotherhood is an evil cult who worships Harry Potter and makes sacrifices to J.K-

Where were we? Oh. Sonic. Of course. Whoops.

And, uh, there's supposed to be some twist in Sonic and Eggman's past or something. o_O Whatever that means. And I'm totally not being a nutcase and thinking

Sonic: Whut? How?

... Forget it. I suck at humour right now. But, hey, there's even a new character. Some girl named Shade. Very original. She probably can't be as useless as the latest new character Marine, but Marine doesn't matter since she lives in Blaze's world so with luck, we'll never see her again. But I don't care about Sonic Team games...

Well, whatever that twist is, it's bound to be better than Sega of Europe's crack addict shit. >_> *shudders*

Sonic rant

Jun. 1st, 2007 06:34 pm
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Sega and Sonic Team are simply pathetic now, what with ruining the game franchise. Sonic is utterly and completely ruined and they don't seem to be capable of making decent games anymore. Next-gen was more like a very bad fanfic. Sheesh. A 14 year old fanfic writer could have done better. And that romance subplot with Sonic and a human? Lame. Shadow has also become increasingly pathetic, being some kind of pathetic emo using GUNS. His spin off game was pure tripe.

I guess storyline isn't important anymore. They still haven't fixed the damn camera angles and even Next-Gen has sloppy controls apparently. x_x Can't they even try to make a decent game? Secret Rings isn't much of an improvement and is also quite hard. *sigh* Are they trying to make their games impossible to play?

I think the characters are steadily being warped. There's a noticeable change with Amy. Poo... she's becoming violent and stuff. WHY?! What is wrong with you, Sonic Team?

I bet in five years, they make a game like this:

Shadow: MARIA!!! *attempts suicide and fails*
Sonic: *is too busy screwing prostitutes. Human prostitutes*
Cream the Rabbit: Who am I again?
Chaotix: LOL. We are pathetic. Especially Charmy. Please shoot us. Well, except Espio. He's okay.
Amy: I... see... blood! *grabs a chainsaw* Sonic! I'll make you marry me!
Tails: Machines! Planes! Stuff! Follow Sonic! Wait... that's normal.
Knuckles: Master Emerald? Whatever is a Master Emerald?
Rouge: Damn it! My huge breasts are getting in the way! I can't pick up this huge freaking emerald!
Shadow: VROOM VROOM! HELL YEAH, BABY! *drives, runs people over and shoots random moving objects*
New Character: Look, I'm completely useless and stuff!
New Character 2: I look like a lame fan character!
New Character 3: I am yet another hedgehog! How awesome is that?
Cheese: ... *runs away*
Tails: Why don't I do anything anymore?! I'm tired of just being Sonic's sidekick!
Eggman: Then join me, Tails. Come to the dark side.
Tails: Okay! *joins dark side*
Sonic: Dayum. Humans are so hot and stuff. Especially this human. What's her name? Mary Sue?
Mary Sue: Beastiality is hot! *posts porn on Myspace with blog note "I SCREW HEDGEHOGS. FOR REAL."*
Shadow: MARIAAAAAAAAAA!!! ... This is who I am! *shoots self in head*
Amy: *is violently beating Mary Sue to death and eyes are glowing red*
Sonic: *yawns* Okay, where's the really bad plot?
Eggman: Hello, Sonic! Check dis shit out!
Evil Tails: Sonic... I am your old pal!
Sonic: ... Really? *squints* I think I remember... Ray the Flying Squirrel?
Evil Tails: ... You've done it now, Sonic! Prepare to die!
Eggman: Mwa ha ha ha!
Knuckles: This is boring shit. *turns off console*

... >_> Bitter? Me? Of course not!

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