Jun. 12th, 2017 07:49 am
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So, what have I been up to lately?

Hmm. I bought the three Tales games on Steam, when Tales of Berseria finally went on sale. ("finally" despite it only having been on Steam for a couple months or so... what can I say, I'm impatient.) Will probably play Zestiria at some point despite the flaws. I've already read an LP and watched the anime, so I'm already familiar with it.

Must support the release of Tales games on Steam. There's going to be a Tales game on the Switch. Probably a port. I'd love it to be Vesperia PS3 version and for it to get localized, but that's pretty unlikely to happen. Sob.

Berseria is so good. The cast interactions, the skits, the characters, it's all so good. Much, much better than Zestiria. I really enjoyed this game.

Magilou is unquestionably best girl. Velvet is awesome too.

The best guy is of course Eizen. What a dork. Yay Eizen <3

I love pretty much the whole cast. And the NPCs... Dyle and Kurogane, etc, yup, they are all great... though Kamoana is soooo annoying x_x Apparently Dyle and Medissa marry after the game events and adopt Kamoana man that's just so <3

I wonder if they took in Orthie and Russ too. I hope so.

And the beetle... what happened to the beetle, I wonder.

I also like how sidequests were unmissable and you didn't have to do all sorts of arbitrary bullshit within tiny timeframes to complete sidequests and such. I think I remember one sidequest in Abyss that literally opens upon entering Eldrant and is locked off after seeing a certain scene in Eldrant. I mean, who's going to go into the final dungeon, walk around a bit and then leave to look for sidequests? I missed some sidequests on my initial playthrough too...

So, yeah, it's good that Berseria did away with this bullshit. I'm looking forward to the next Tales game.
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I made a bunch of plurks while playing Tales of the Abyss and decided to post them here.

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Talking about FFX made me think of something else to talk about and yes I made a separate post for it in the name of journal spamming! =D Now I'm going to talk about Tales of Symphonia. Huh, been a while since I last played it. My current replay is around the Temple of Ice right now.

Tales of Symphonia was a lot like FFX in the beginning. o_o Seriously... I tried to tell myself it wasn't, but I gave up when it came to the Tower of Salvation.

Colette and her group of guardians set off from a little town named Iselia. Yuna and her group of guardians set off from a little town (well, technically, an island) named Besaid. Both girls are revered for different reasons (being the Chosen One, and a High Summoner's daughter)

Releasing the seals at different temples in Colette's case was fairly reminiscent of Yuna going to temples of the fayth, but at least we didn't have to fight big ugly monsters every time in FFX. Actually, it's more comparable to Sheena really, since she's the actual summoner and can get the summons at the temples.

But those are very, very small things, you know? The big thing was at the Tower of Salvation...

Okay, so you find out Yuna's actually going to die at some point during FFX and when you get to the place itself to obtain the final aeon, you end up fighting and killing Yunalesca.

You don't find out Colette's going to die until the Tower of Salvation, and end up fighting and killing Remiel after that. At least Remiel didn't transform into a scantily clad form with giant tentacles... *shudder*

And then Tales of Symphonia stops being FFX... but can't resist being Star Wars-ish at some point. >_> What do you mean Star Wars isn't the only instance of the bad guy being the hero's father?

As for which game I like better... that would be Tales of Symphonia. ^_^

Is Dawn of the New World EVER going to be released in Europe? Ugh... I'm getting tired of waiting. Want to play the game. T_T This time, it's like Pokémon *shot* Meh. Catching and raising monsters isn't the most original thing. =P

I want to play the game so bad ;_; Blah...
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I continued to read the forum topic anyway. Lol, spoilers. There wasn't really very much to spoil myself on though. It seems that DotNW is severely lacking in storyline and plot twists. Poo. Plot twists were part of the fun of the original Tales of Symphonia, even if Namco loved hinting at them before we found them out. Sometimes they made things pretty dang obvious *cough*RegalAlicia*cough*

Anyway, I'm going to talk about the sequel a bit...

So, Decus and Alice do die. Decus dies defending Alice, and Alice gets pwned by Marta. Apparently, Alice loved Decus back... geez, funny way of showing it. Isn't she mean and cruel to him? There's a guy named Hawk who looks like an anorexic Botta rip-off o_o And, uh, the leader of the Vanguard is named Brute and he is Marta's father. So, they do pull an "I am your father" thing here, then? Lol, they can't resist it, can they?

Lloyd-tachi don't level up in this game, not even when they permanently join your party. Lame. It also sounds like they are mostly just tacked onto this game for the hell of it. Heck, if some guy hadn't dressed up as Lloyd and burned down a city, Lloyd might not have had anything to do with the plot. I guess we won't be getting any insight into the original characters either. This game's going to be all about Emil and Marta. =/

Kratos makes an appearance. Yuan is seen talking to his disembodied head floating above Yggdrasill... he didn't float down from Derris Kharlan or anything like that. It would have been pretty ridiculous for him to do so.

And, now, about Richter and Emil... one day, Richter and his buddy Astel went to chat to Ratatosk, who got pissed and killed Astel, so Richter kicked Ratatosk's ass and Astel and Ratatosk got sucked into a core or something. So Marta has the core during the destruction of Palmacosta and screams for help, before fainting. At that point, Astel appears with no memories and goes exploring.

He finds a blind, dying lady who mistakenly calls him Emil, says she is his mother and tells him to go to Luin. She has no idea who it really is, since she's blind. So Astel believes his name is Emil Castagnier...

Yeah. He set out to avenge people who weren't even his parents after all. Sucks to be him, doesn't it? The real Emil probably died in the fire.

Since Ratatosk is in "Emil" (Astel), he has to go and watch the world for 1,000 years, which means leaving Marta behind. I can't remember about Richter... maybe he goes with him.

There's going to be an "Emil" vs "Emil" fight in this game apparently. Kickass.

Sucks that the storyline's all about Emil and Marta though... it's not much of a sequel if it's barely similar to the original. There's nothing about angels, Mithos, Derris-Kharlan, Cruxis... just a bunch of bad guys calling themselves the Vanguard.

There is a distinct lack of plot twists in this game... and the game sounds like it's shorter than ToS. It really is more of a spin-off than a sequel, but apparently Namco is calling it a sequel now. It's just a half-baked one then...

I'll get it anyway if it comes to Europe. I just have to remember to keep my expectations very low.


Jun. 25th, 2008 01:13 pm
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Tales of Symphonia: Knights of Ratatosk was leaked early and the information's already started to trickle in. I've tried not to spoil myself too much... there isn't much to spoil myself on anyway. The information's coming in pretty slow after all.

[Imagine a picture of Yuan in ToS2 is here, ok]

Yuan! Yuan is in ToS2 after all! ^_^ Yippee! He does look a bit weird though. XD; Oh, and apparently he is from Asgard. I hope we get to learn what his last name is.

Learned something about Richter as well. Apparently, he pulls a Kratos.

... No, he isn't Emil's father. Emil's parents were killed in the blood purge at Palmacosta.

He's part of the Vanguard and betrays Emil and Marta at some point in the game or something.

I've also heard that Lloyd turns up pretty early in the game and kicks Richter's ass. WAY TO GO, LLOYD. ♥

I saw Colette in a skit conversation. Her skit portrait is... exactly the same. I guess their appearances wouldn't change much in 2 years, but was new threads too much to ask? At least Yuan actually bothered to change his clothes... after 4,000 years. XD (He was wearing that outfit from the last game in the Martel flashback...)

EDIT: (I think I'm going to be doing a few edits...)

OMFG Lloyd joins the group! ♥ Yay, Lloyd, I knew you weren't evil after all! He's seen in one screenshot hanging out with Marta, Emil, Sheena, Zelos, Colette, Tenebrae and some dude whose name I think is Regal or whatever, I don't care during a skit conversation... thank god for that. I was worried about having to hurt him or worse. >_>

Also, while reading the spoilers topic on the Tales forum, it sounds like the "Lloyd" who attacked Palmacosta and killed Emil's parents was Decus impersonating Lloyd.

... I think I'm spoiling myself too much. I should stop reading the topic. >_>


Seles, Aisha, Harley, Linar and Chocolat have all made appearances. Meh, Chocolat was annoying. I distinctly remember Aisha was that dancer who was almost sacrificed to the fake Wind summon and Linar was the guy who was like Raine. ... I forgot who Harley was though. I think he's another Asgard person... but I'm not sure. =/
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Wait, what? We have new antagonists in Tales of Symphonia 2? Great. Maybe they are buddies with newly evil Lloyd. Or maybe it's his evil twin, Dyoll. What? I can hope, can't I? I still can't believe that Lloyd might actually be evil. It doesn't make any bloody sense, that's why. Anyway, these guys seem to be named Alice and Decus, but I'm not interested. They probably suck compared to Magnius, Kvar, Rodyle, Forcystus, Pronyma, and of course, Mithos Yggdrasill himself. Sadly, those people are all dead, so they won't make a comeback or anything. Botta is dead too. ;_; He wasn't a bad guy though, but he still died. Yuan lived though~ Yay, Yuan!

... Yuan kind of just disappeared near the end of Tales of Symphonia. o_o Last we saw him, I think it was when helping everyone go into the tower. Or it might have been in the forest with Origin. Whenever it was, he just disappeared. I wonder what the Renegades are doing in Tales of Symphonia 2... if anything. They better at least get a mention somehow.

I especially hope that Yuan will appear. It would be awesome if we could play as him too (even just as a guest character) Hear that, Namco? DON'T FORGET ABOUT YUAN. Else I'll be peeved. I want to see Yuan... it would make up for Kratos, who I'm pretty sure we won't see. He's floating into space on an asteroid and can't come to "Aselia" (which it will be in the future) to smack his son upside of the head and tell him to quit being a dumbass.

... Hey. Why isn't Dirk doing that anyway? What, did he die before he could try to get some sense into his not so bright foster son's head? What is Lloyd doing anyway? Far as I know, he was responsible for some battle between the Church of Martel and the Vanguard that destroyed Palmacosta. It is quite vague...

Oh, wait, looking at the article... it seems Alice is the Vanguard's leader and Decus works with them. But aren't Emil and Marta on the Vanguard's side? How does that make them antagonists? I'm confused... but it seems the Vanguard want to kill Colette. Yeah, that definitely makes them evil. Leave poor Colette alone, damn it.

Anyway, it seems the Vanguard is some army of Sylvarant people who oppose the Church of Martel as well as the people of Tethe'alla. And, uh, Lloyd was working with the Church of Martel. Against his own people. Geez, Lloyd! You could have spouted your usual unity speech instead of fighting them. Remember the discrimination against half-elves? How is this any better? I don't understand him...
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It would be so awesome if Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatosk had some insane, talking squirrel named Ratatosk as a villain, since Ratatosk is a talking squirrel that lives in Yggdrasil in mythology. But I don't think it will happen, and anyway, we're supposed to call it Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, since that is what it's being called in the localised version. I guess the Japanese name would confuse people.

I'm not sure I like Lloyd's new role. ._. Apparently, he's either a bad guy or he's just done some bad things that led to Palmacosta getting destroyed. AGAIN. It seems it happened during some battle, but still... the Church of Martel say Lloyd is responsible for the Blood Purging which destroyed the city, and it doesn't seem Lloyd denies it. Hell, he even has soldiers who call him "Lloyd-sama". Lloyd is a sama? Since when?!

I don't want Lloyd to be evil. ;_; He's even been seen fighting those new characters we'll be forced to play as (Emil and Marta) which probably means we'll end up fighting Lloyd. I don't want to be fighting Lloyd. I want to be Lloyd, kicking Emil and Marta's asses.

"RISING FALCON, bitches!"

It would really suck if the characters ended up having to kill Lloyd. I really don't want to do that. ._. What the hell happened to poor Lloyd? He's way too dumb to be running some organisation and... I thought he was a nice person! Didn't he want everyone to be united? *sigh* Maybe it would be good if Kratos doesn't come back. He won't have to see what his son has turned into...

And, uh... Zelos is alive. Yup. Looks like the path in the first game where you kill Zelos ain't canon, if he's alive. Still, I'm glad. I like Zelos, so I don't think it would be nice if he had been killed at the Tower of Salvation. I have never fought him at the Tower of Salvation. I always fight the Gatekeeper. Heck, I once loaded a save file before Flanoir, talked to Kratos and (without saving or anything) went straight to the tower to see the scene, but right before the betrayal, I spazzed and turned off the Gamecube. IT'S TOO PAINFUL. EVEN IF I'M NOT SAVING. I AM A WUSS WHO EASILY GETS ATTACHED TO CHARACTERS.

So, yeah. I REALLY don't want to kill Lloyd. ._.

Oh, and also... it's been two years. Nobody has changed their clothes. Not Raine, or Genis, or Colette, Sheena, Regal, Zelos, Presea, Lloyd... nobody. Come on, guys, change your clothes once in a while. But then again, Kratos, Yuan and Mithos wore the same clothes for 4,000 years (Martel does not need to be pointed out. It's hard to change your clothes when you are dead.) Is changing your clothes considered evil in ToS's world or something?
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This is something I wrote up before reaching the Tower of Salvation in Tales of Symphonia. I really had no idea what it would be like. o_o

Imagination of Tower scene )

After getting to Tower of Salvation... yeah. I felt the need to be random again.

Tower of Salvation for real )

Is it bad I saw Kratos being Lloyd's father the moment he was all "... Your name is Lloyd?" way back then? XD ... Though I did already know they were related. But anyway, here's me mocking the Night of Spoilers and the suicide spree.

No, Lloyd, I am your father! )

After finishing Tales of Symphonia, I totally had to make fun of it some more. >_>'

The end )

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